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$10,000 Gold - When Will Silver & Gold Finally Take Off?

Mike Maloney
Wednesday, February 28th

The most common question Mike has received lately is 'When will silver finally take off?'. 

In this video, Mike is joined by David Morgan to give their best attempts at predicting when the metals markets might start seeing performance akin to cryptocurrencies of late.

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Bitcoin Can’t Exist Without Silver

Here's one important fact that has been left out of the conversation about cryptos and precious metals - you literally can not have cryptocurrencies without silver.

As well as being true honest money, silver is an irreplaceable industrial metal that is used throughout the entire chain that all cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects need to operate. Mining rigs: Silver. Computers: Silver. Servers: Silver. Solar: Silver. Routers: Silver. Cellphones: Silver. Electrical grid: Silver. The entire infrastructure of Distributed Ledger Technology relies on silver. That simple. Not such a crazy bet, huh?

Will Cryptos Free or Enslave Mankind?

Mike Maloney recently gave a speech at Anarchapulco titled: Freedom or Enslavement: The Crypto Revolution. In this video, he summarizes his greatest hopes and fears for the Bitcoin/blockchain area.

The War Within Bitcoin

Mike Maloney recalls one of the most interesting events he experienced at Anarchapulco 2018 - the factional war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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