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Donald Trump’s victory - BrExit times ten

Wednesday, November 9th


Donald Trump’s victory, which I first predicted the day after the BrExit, will have the political, economic, social, and monetary impact of a “BrExit times ten.”  In fact, Trump used that very phrase, per the aforementioned Audioblog title, in his speeches last week.

His “unexpected” victory will be a seminal event for financial markets, which have been pushed to record valuations, amidst the worst economic environment of our lifetimes, by the “machine” fronted by the Clinton and Obamas that is now dead in the water.  To that end, it may well spell the end of the gold Cartel, given that it was run by this now dead cabal – which if they still have the ability to maintain power following this historic regime change, may not see it worthwhile to continue. 

To that end, I expect the global anti-establishment trend started by the BrExit to go hyperbolic in 2017, starting with the Italian constitutional referendum next month.  And this time, financial markets will NOT be saved by Central banks - as they have lost ALL credibility.  Including the Fed, which as of today, will once and for all be understood to have been LYING about rate hikes all along.

Get ready for some very, very, hard times – and very, very good times for Precious Metals.


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