• Gold: 1,525.51 -3.03
  • Silver: 17.37 -0.09
  • Euro: 1.113 -0.001
  • USDX: 97.64 -0.647
  • Oil: 53.65 -1.71

Europe in Focus

Ranting Andy
Monday, June 4th

SilverSeek.com Comment Wire

Over the weekend, the European political/economic conflagration worsened further, with the Spanish Prime Minister forced to re-assure the populace on national TV that “this is not the eve of the Apocalypse” – which it is, of course, from a financial standpoint.  European equities were flat to down, although Spain and Italy enjoyed a brief respite by BEGGING the EU to create some cockamamie “governing board” to take over their finances.  It will never happen, but allowed those two markets mild dead-cat bounces.  Following Friday’s major PM up day, prices have been holding their own all day with the Dow down yet again – particularly gold, now just $6 from its Friday close.  With Wednesday’s ECB meeting and Bernanke’s Thursday speech before a Joint Congressional Economic Committee about the near-term outlook, be prepared for ANYTHING this week.


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