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Government PROPAGANDA Machine

Ranting Andy
Monday, November 12th

SilverSeek.com Comment Wire


“ELECTION LOCKDOWN” is officially OVER; and as I forecast, “all hell” is starting to break loose.  PMs surged, stocks plunged, and now the “fiscal cliff,” debt ceiling, and plunging GLOBAL economies are back in focus.  The government PROPAGANDA machine is trying to act as if some “deal” is being negotiated regarding the former, but there is no “deal” to make.  Deficits are exploding and the debt ceiling will shortly be breached; so all they can do is accept it or repeal the Budget Control Act of 2011 and Bush Tax Cuts expirations, which will only make things worse.


REALITY is taking over, and payback’s a b---h.


Andrew C. ("Ranting Andy") Hoffman, CFA

Marketing Director

Miles Franklin Ltd.






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