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You Can’t Beat Silver as an Investment

Thursday, March 15th
We can make a great argument that platinum is a great investment with soaring industrial demand. We can argue that gold is a great investment with soaring monetary demand. However, silver is the only metal in the world where both arguments can be made, silver is an industrial metal, jewelery, and a monetary safe haven just like gold.

What most people don’t know is that right now there is less above ground available silver than there is gold, that’s right, there is less silver than gold. This trend of consuming silver and saving in gold isn’t going to stop, the above ground supply for gold will continue to grow, while the above ground supply for silver will continue to move us towards a physical silver shortage.

Silver is without at doubt the most important metal in the world, yet most people when they think about the uses for silver, think of jewelry, silverware, and photography. However, this barely scratches the surface for the uses for silver, in fact, we could write an entire book on just the different applications silver is involved in.
Below are some of the uses for silver that will help continue to grow demand for physical silver. FutureMoneyTrends.com wants everyone to understand that silver is all around you, whether you are talking on the phone, driving in your car, or looking for something to eat in your refrigerator, silver is in more products than you can imagine.
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