• Gold: 1,649.76 -6.32
  • Silver: 15.04 0.02
  • Euro: 1.085 -0.005
  • USDX: 100.27 0.311
  • Oil: 24.31 -0.04

The US Dollar will no longer be the world's reserve currency

June 8, 2015 - 5:04pm

Peter Spina joins Cambridge House Live Anchor Vanessa Collette to discuss the US economy, the Fed interest rate hike, the outlook for Gold and Silver prices, investing in lower cost gold and silver mining companies, toll milling in Peru and the Ukraine Russia situation.

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About Vanessa Collette

Vanessa Collette is the host of GoldSeek TV and anchor for Cambridge House Live. She conducts regular interviews with experts on finance related topics with a focus on investing. Follow her @vavicolletteTV

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