• Gold: 1,233.97 11.13
  • Silver: 14.71 0.15
  • Euro: 1.147 0.001
  • USDX: 95.919 -0.094
  • Oil: 68.32 -1.11

SWOT Analysis: Is Silver Poised For A Rebound?

The best performing metal this week was silver, down just 1.34 percent. Both gold and silver stabilized by Wednesday, after real yields surged about 9 basis points the first few days of the week, and then largely traded sideways the rest of the week. Despite the dollar the interest rates continued higher, but at a slower pace.

Incomplete silver COT analysis, revisited

In a blog post a week ago I discussed why silver’s Commitments of Traders (COT) situation was nowhere near as bullish as it had been portrayed in numerous articles over the preceding two months. This prompted some criticism that involves a misunderstanding of how I use the COT data. Before I address the criticism, a brief recap is in order.

Ira Epstein's Silver Report

On a close under 15.90, you might consider a purchase of a 14.00 Put. On a close over 16.25, consider a 19.00 Call. Once you enter, consider writing a further out of the money Put if you bought a Put or writing a further out of the money Call if you bought a Call. By doing so, you will cut down the amount of risk and cost of the original Put or Call while allowing participation via the breakout.

Silver’s Long Consolidation Looks Like a...

The primary trend for gold and silver over the past year and a half has been the absence of any clear direction in prices. Metals markets have been stuck in consolidation mode. Yet for silver, in particular, that consolidation has formed a clear and potentially powerful pattern.

The Silver Coil Is Tightening

Is silver going to be making a big move sometime soon? The evidence is building that the answer to that question might be yes. Join Mike Maloney for this latest update on the silver market.

Incomplete silver COT analysis

During March and April a number of articles appeared at precious-metals-focused web sites describing the silver market’s Commitments of Traders (COT) situation as extremely bullish. However, this unequivocally bullish interpretation overlooked aspects of the COT data that were bearish for silver. Taking all aspects of the data into consideration, my interpretation at the time (as presented in TSI commentaries) was that silver’s COT situation was neutral and that the setup for a large rally was not yet in place.

Market Report: Gold Still Underwritten At $1300

Gold and silver refuse to sink below their established lower consolidation levels, despite dollar strength. As can be seen in our headline chart, silver has enjoyed a decent bounce since 1 May, and gold has held firm at $1300, up 5% from the December low. Since last Friday, gold is up $8 in early European trade this morning (Friday) at $1323, having spiked down to as low as $1304 on Wednesday. Over the same time-scale, silver is up 23 cents on balance at $16.75.

Purchasing Power – In Silver

Exponential increases in debt, spending, and social programs have a limited lifetime in our finite world. If something cannot continue, it will stop. An ugly reset is inevitable. Silver prices rise as the dollar is devalued. When priced in silver ounces, most commodity prices are stable. When priced in silver, debt and paper assets have risen since 1913 when bankers paid congress to approve the Federal Reserve. Silver has been money and a common currency for thousands of years. Treasury notes and digital dollars have been important for a few decades. The distinction is important.

Market Report: FOMC Minutes Mark The Low

This week, gold and silver traded lower ahead of the FOMC minutes released on Wednesday. As widely expected, there was no change in the target for the Fed Funds Rate, which will probably be raised a quarter point in June. Yesterday, precious metals began to recover their poise, improving from the lows of earlier in the week.

Happy Anniversary, Silver Investors!

The silver volume that we saw last week was huge and we don’t mean only the one that accompanied the sizable daily price spike. The volume was huge also if we take the entire week into account. In fact, there was only a single week when silver rallied on volume that was bigger than what we saw during last week’s rally – ever. That was the 2011 silver top, when the emotions reached their zenith.