• Gold: 1,251.60 1.42
  • Silver: 16.87 0.05
  • Euro: 1.140 0.002
  • USDX: 96.01 -0.34
  • Oil: 44.96 0.07

Silver Demand Shows A Consumer In Trouble

Global demand for silver declined from 2015 to 2016 by 123 million ozs per numbers from the Silver Institute presented in an article on The Daily Coin yesterday. In fact, for the demand categories primarily driven by the consumer, demand plummeted 125 million ozs, or 15.3%. Industrial demand for silver increased slightly but this was because of the global expansion in the solar panel industry, primarily in India and China.

Market Report: A pause in the decline

Gold and silver found temporary bottoms this week, with gold little changed from last Friday’s close of $1229.4 at $1228 in early European trade this morning (Friday). Silver fared slightly better, rising from $16.34 to $16.45 over the same time scale. However, the recent fall in silver has been very dramatic, the price now only up 2.6% on the year, compared with gold, up 6.4%.

Silver Market Morning: May 12 2017 - Gold still...

Demand for gold at the Akshaya Tritiya festival at the end of April was stronger than has been seen in the past confirming the problems with shortages of cash have dissipated. It is clear that Indian demand for gold is, once again, robust. Estimates for this year’s demand [because of positive forecasts for the monsoon as well] have gone as high as 1,000 tonnes. That’s official demand, excluding smuggled gold.

Global Silver Production and Demand DROPS for the...

For the first time since 2002 global silver mining/scrap production dropped. Silver is a direct reflection of electronics demand and manufacturing. Without silver our world would not be the same. The computer or phone you’re reading this on would not exist. The TV, wiring in your house, just for starters, would not work without silver. Silver is a great indication of how our economy – globally – is growing or contracting. It appears there was a contraction in 2016. Just remember, the economy is robust and growing, or so they say on TV.

Silver Market Morning: May 10 2017 - Gold still...

We are seeing the influence of falling gold prices in Shanghai on New York and London, as we commented above, but New York prices are holding on despite no gold ETF demand. This demand has been responsible for U.S. gold prices rising. Until we see the strong move, we expect [either way], we cannot clearly see the way forward. We are at one of those junctures we call a ‘point of resolution’.

Silver Market Morning: May 10 2017 - Gold still...

Today is one of those days when we can see just where pricing power lies. New York has tried to pull prices back well below support, hitting $1,216 at one point. Shanghai took prices higher today in their consolidation process, but London moved in line with New York last night. How New York and London perform today becomes critical. If Shanghai falls, then pricing power sits in London and New York, today.

Will Gold or Silver Pay the Higher Interest Rate?

Today, gold can be moved anywhere in the world in days. The entire globe is effectively the trading region for gold. This means that gold is not subject to local gluts or shortages. Gold supply and demand are quickly smoothed out over the entire world. This helps makes gold the most liquid commodity.

Silver Market Morning: May 09 2017 - Gold...

As we have mentioned many times in the past, the falling volatility of the gold market must be attributed to the arrival of Shanghai as one of the three important gold markets. Its move to make speculation costly at the beginning of the year, has flowed through to London, but particularly New York. Arbitrageurs smooth out the price differences between the centers, but even traders can do this.

Silver Investment Case Remains Extremely...

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