• Gold: 1,233.74 10.90
  • Silver: 14.71 0.14
  • Euro: 1.147 0.000
  • USDX: 95.925 -0.088
  • Oil: 68.31 -1.12

Silver Finally Starts To Catch Up With Gold

Based on the gold/silver ratio one would expect silver to do better than gold even if both are rising. And based on the COT report, gold should fall while silver rises. Today the metals finally started to behave this way, with silver rising and gold falling.

Silver Bullion: Should We Be Worried About Silver?

– LBMA report: volume of silver ounces transferred in February fell by 24% – Standard Chartered: gold-silver ratio and supply/demand fundamentals favour silver – Gold/silver ratio at near two-year high on silver’s underperformance – Silver COT reports remain more bullish than at any time in history – Silver expected to outperform gold as macro and industrial factors begin to drive price

Optimist or Pessimist on Silver

Silver demand increases every year and will push prices higher. Our modern world depends upon electronics, computers, missiles, fighter jets, cruise missiles, technology, communication devices and more. Each new application adds to silver demand. Medical applications, electric cars and photovoltaic solar panels need more silver and will boost demand.

Revisiting 2011 and COMEX Silver

There has been a lot of talk lately about the bullish internals of COMEX silver, and rightfully so! The size of the Speculator net short position is the largest in two decades, and this is a decidedly bullish indicator. Since all of this data comes from the weekly, CFTC-generated Commitment of Traders reports, we thought it would be fun to take a look back today and compare/contrast the current open interest and CoT structure to 2011, the last time price got "disorderly" to the upside.

Silver Futures Report and JP Morgan Record Silver...

The COT data signaled we are close to bottoming and suggest that both gold and silver should make gains in the coming weeks and months. The data showed that the hedge funds and “Managed Money traders,” the “dumb money” speculators now have record short positions in silver. At the same time, the large commercials and including large bullion banks such as JP Morgan, the “smart money” and the “inside money” have reduced their shorts dramatically and are now long.

Has Silver's Time Finally Arrived?

Has silver's time finally arrived? This week Mike Maloney links to several pieces of news and data that show a massive shift in the silver market, as well as a gigantic nail in the coffin for the US Dollar Standard. Be sure to read the accompanying articles and watch the video Mike mentioned for some excellent in-depth analysis on why now might be the time for silver.

Trade War and Silver CoT – Details and...

Gold soared by the end of the week. Miners didn’t – the HUI didn’t even move above the previous March highs. Silver’s performance was rather mixed, but closer to the one of miners than the one of gold. Why did gold rally? Why didn’t miners rally? How can the silver CoT numbers help in this case?

Buy Silver with Reckless Abandon

Look at the positioning of the mighty Commercial Traders, who rarely lose money and who operate under the blinded eye of regulatory oversight and governmental sanctuary. As of last Tuesday, the most powerful group of traders ever to operate under the watchful eye of the Working Group on Capital Market wiggled out of a massive 41,497-contract short position in silver on January 23, and arrived in full regalia this week short a mere 3,709 contracts. To provide some modicum of perspective, the Commercials were short a notional amount of silver that would correspond to 207,485,000 ounces worth $3.3 billion at the $16.20 per ounce benchmark on January 23, and are now short a notional 18,545,000 ounces worth a paltry $300,429,000.

Hi-Ho Silver!

If the latest COT report for silver gets any more bullish than the one released on March 23rd, commercial traders will have to go ‘net long!’ As it is, they reduced their ‘net short’ position to the lowest number in many years, down to just 4,000 contracts – barely 2% of the total open interest! This is bullish action! As recently as January 16th the number of ‘net short’ positions was 50,000, and the percentage of open interest was 26%.

Silver Speculators Go Short – Which Is Extremely...

Friday’s commitment of traders (COT) report for gold and silver offered more of the same. Which is to say the gold futures action was boring and the silver action was strange and exciting. Starting with gold, the large speculators – who, remember, tend to be wrong at big turning points – got a little less optimistic, while commercials – who tend to be right at big turning points – did the opposite. But both groups are still in unfavorable territory, with the speculators too long and the commercials too short. Looked at in a vacuum this is not good short-term news for gold.