• Gold: 1,246.51 -3.67
  • Silver: 16.81 -0.01
  • Euro: 1.140 0.002
  • USDX: 95.864 -0.146
  • Oil: 45.13 0.24

Silver Market Morning: May 08 2017 - Gold...

The Macron victory implies that the E.U. will hold together in the future and that the euro will not collapse. While Italy remains uncertain on the subject, it is not enough to curb the optimism that pervades markets this morning. What is uncertain is the ability of the President, without a political party behind him, to govern effectively. Will he try to rule by government decree? We will have to wait until mid-June and the Parliamentary elections to see if he can establish a majority and govern, or if he will simply become a figurehead.

Market Report: China unwinds WMPs

Informed sources in China say that the authorities are deliberately forcing wealth management products to unwind their long commodity positions. These WMPs, as they are commonly known, are speculative investment vehicles that promise attractive returns to private investors, and collectively amount to a financial bubble. There are two reasons why the government has intervened. The massive expansion of bank credit in recent years causes excessive speculation that cannot be allowed to get out of hand. Furthermore, WMPs were pushing up the prices of the commodities being accumulated by the government as part of its economic plan.

Silver Market Morning: May 05 2017 - Gold may...

Within the hour of the gold price setting on London the price was marked down $6. We find it difficult to accept that the gold price setting was out of line with the market, rather the market was bracing itself for more selling in the U.S. Ahead of the opening of New York the gold price was trading at $1,232.40 and in the euro at €1,124.66. At the same time, the silver price was trading at $16.36.

Silver Market Morning: May 04 2017 - Gold falls...

The Fed remains positive on U.S. growth despite the slowdown in the first quarter. The indications are that the joblessness rate is now at maximum employment and the inflation rate getting close to the targeted 2%. This allows the Fed to continue discussions on shrinking the Fed’s Balance Sheet and leaving the door open for a June rate hike. The market saw this as negative for gold which has fallen heavily in the last day.

Silver Market Morning: May 03 2017 - Gold...

As we pointed out in the piece on Swiss gold exports demand from Asia remains very strong indeed. The refineries in Switzerland have been working 24 hours a day and 6 days a week to convert gold into metric measurement bars. This has gone on for many years now and is set to continue for the foreseeable future. It is quite remarkable that the developed gold world is quiet on the subject because it is only a matter of time before the western gold markets becomes secondary markets to Shanghai.

Silver Bullion On Sale After 10.6% Fall In Two...

Precious metals continue to weaken, especially silver which has declined eleven consecutive days and is now down over 10.6%. The sell off is again almost solely a result of futures market participants pushing or manipulating prices lower – depending on your view – despite no bearish silver or wider market developments or news that could be construed as bearish for silver.

Comex Crime Scene Mechanics

Between March 24 and April 20, JPM and their criminal pals (deceptively called "Commercials" by the criminally complicit CFTC) issued 42,128 new silver contracts and fed them to the hungry hedge funds and other "speculators" wanting "silver exposure" at The Comex Casino. At 5,000/oz per contract, these 42,128 contracts represented the potential obligation to make future delivery of 210,640,000 ounces of silver. This was silver that JPM et al did not own nor did they have it immediately available. And this "silver" was sold to speculators who had no intention of taking/demanding delivery!

Silver Market Morning: May 02 2017 - Gold is...

Many may think the gold price reflects demand and supply of physical gold. It doesn’t. It primarily reflects marginal supply and demand, speculative activity and the assumptions of the main dealers as to where the market is going. The physical demand and supply of gold is mainly directly contracted between physical buyers and sellers, with the contract price, primarily the London pm price setting, but for a growing number of market professionals the Shanghai gold Fix is being used by both parties to the contract. In other words the trading in physical gold, in the case of around 95%+ of such buyers and sellers, does not influence the gold price.

Silver Takes the Elevator Down

Silver has been falling for going on one year, but clearly since March 1. After one last hurrah at the end of March, it has been taking the elevator down. And by its fundamentals it should be quite a bit lower—0.0125. In any case, we are interested in watching what the fundamentals of the metals are doing. We will take a look at the graphs below, but first, the price and ratio charts.

Looking for Epic Signs? Enter Silver.

In yesterday’s alert we wrote that the reversal in the precious metals market should once again not be taken at its face value and that one should not overreact based on it as the size of the potential rally was limited. Well, it turned out that “limited rally” was an euphemism for a decline. Gold, silver and mining stocks declined once again despite the previous day’s reversal and gold stocks confirmed the breakdown below the key support line. The implications are strongly bearish. However, there’s something ever more bearish and much more profound.