• Gold: 1,284.42 -1.17
  • Silver: 16.98 -0.02
  • Euro: 1.176 0.000
  • USDX: 93.545 0.45
  • Oil: 47.83 0.23

Silver Market Morning: June 26 2017 - Gold...

Shanghai is leading the way up again as New York closed $2.60 lower than Shanghai’s close on Friday. This morning Shanghai started the week nearly $4 higher than New York’s Friday close as the Yuan weakened against a weakening dollar. We note that the P.B. of C. has stated it wants to trade against a basket of currencies not just the dollar but today while other currencies are stronger against the dollar the Yuan is weaker.

Left wing, right wing, and free markets

One of the saddest things about Britain’s recent general election was the level of ignorance displayed by all parties on the broad subject of political economics. I use the term to include both political philosophy and pure economic theory.

Silver Market Morning: June 23 2017 - Gold rising...

Shanghai is leading the way up again, albeit the rises are not that significant except to give the next direction. The gold price appears to have bottomed in all three global gold markets. We therefore must adjust our assessment of the gold price’s direction accordingly. While the Technical picture still remains a guide, the gold price is showing it must wait for Shanghai to lead the way.

My Newest "Most Likely To Catalyze The Big...

Today's article is one of my scariest yet; as, after watching events unfold in the world's most notorious geopolitical hotspot in recent weeks, it's difficult to come up, using my best Spock-like logic, with an alternative conclusion to the potentially catastrophic one I'll discuss today. Which, if it occurs, may catalyze not only the financial "big one" we all know is coming, but an era of political, geopolitical, economic, and monetary destabilization unlike; and potentially, unparalleled in its destructive value; anything yet witnessed.

Silver Morning: June-21-2017

The oil price will affect global markets as it struggles to stay close to $50. Today it continues to fail to hold onto that price area. With U.S. production growing alongside that of Iraq and Libya growing supplies are countering the production cuts of others in OPEC and Russia. There is a distinct danger that the continued increase in overall oil production globally will take the oil price down further and into an area from where it is unlikely to recover for a long time.

Silver Market Morning: June 19 2017 - Gold...

Hong Kong’s central bank has stated that it prefers a stable exchange rate against the dollar. It is not independent of Shanghai and, judging by today’s exchange rate the People’s Bank of China agrees as we see the Yuan virtually unchanged today. This will allow us to see more clearly the differences between the Shanghai gold Exchange prices and London and New York.

Silver Morning: June-16-2017

Gold pulled back after the Fed’s announcement yesterday, but appears to have been factored in to the gold price now. What influences will now be brought to bear on the gold price. First and foremost the trend will dominate, alongside the path forward for the dollar. Shanghai will more than likely increasingly dominate the gold price.

Silver Market Morning: June-15-2017 -- Silver on...

In essence, Janet Yellen’s statement showed that the Fed sees a moderately growing U.S. economy that will continue to grow at a moderate pace. No accommodation of President Trumps intended policies was made. The Fed Funds rate after the rise is lower than inflation levels and look like remaining there as the Fed Funds rate, if the economy remains on the path they expect it will. If the economy remains on this path, then by the end of the year, the Fed will begin to reduce its Balance Sheet. It will be a very slow process intended to give markets no stress. As a result equity markets may rise more ignoring institutional worries that they are already too high. It is clear that hopes of a robust economy in the near future are unrealistic. For gold this was overall positive because of low inflation levels.

Silver Market Morning: June-14-2017 -- waiting...

While there is no evidence of Chinese gold price manipulation we have seen gold’s pricing power shift to Shanghai. But with Shanghai trading gold lower than New York and London, that pricing power evaporated yesterday and today, because of demand for gold in western markets. Shanghai’s figures tomorrow will expand that story. It certainly does not seem that lower Shanghai gold prices can pull London and New York down. What is very true is that China has bought as much gold as they can when the bears did drive prices down and will continue to do so whenever they can. Will higher prices make them stop buying? We think not as the Chinese middle classes continue to burgeon.

Silver Morning: June-13-2017: waiting for the Fed...

While the markets continue towards the expectation that there will be a rate hike by the Fed tomorrow, more and more people are saying what we said yesterday, “With Janet Yellen such a cautious person she may well have been disturbed by the poor data of late. While 94% of the market believes a rate hike must come this week, there is room, we believe, for a delay in the rate hike until the data is more positive. If she does, you will see the dollar weaken and perhaps equity indices move too high. We see gold benefitting if this does happen.”