• Gold: 1,255.13 -0.67
  • Silver: 15.97 -0.07
  • Euro: 1.175 -0.001
  • USDX: 93.932 0.443
  • Oil: 57.26 0.11

CME Stays Silent on Cause of COMEX Silver Price...

Silver futures prices on the COMEX futures trading platform briefly plummeted at approximately 7:06am Singapore time yesterday, with the price for the front month (most active) September silver contract falling from a US$16.06 quote down to a low of US$14.34 all within a 1 minute interval. The futures price then recovered nearly all of its losses in the subsequent 2-3 minute period. High to low, this COMEX silver futures contract saw its price fall by just over 10.7%, before rebounding nearly 11%.

Market Report: Speculators chicken out

The fall in prices has continued after the end of the half year, when the bullion banks have had a history of suppressing prices to window-dress their books. Doubtless a reason will be concocted to justify this price action, and favourite must be the deflationary effects of the Fed running off its mega-balance sheet. But this is to misread the current fragility of the system. We can state categorically that the US and global economies are simply debt junkies, needing increasing amounts of debt, or they die. Does anyone seriously think that the Fed and the other central banks will let this happen?

Silver Market Morning: July 7 2017 - Gold and...

Shanghai is stabilizing again today, but not by much. New York traded at $6 lower than Shanghai following Shanghai’s close yesterday. Today London opened $11 lower than Shanghai. Until gold makes a firm break one way or another we consider it directionless as it has been for most of the second quarter. Today, once again, remains a critical day for the gold price in all three global centers as the direction forward is still to be established.

Silver Prices Bounce Higher After Futures...

– Silver prices ‘flash crash’ before rebound – Silver hammered 7% lower in less than minute in Asian trading – Silver fell from $16 to $14.82, before recovering to $15.89 – Silver plunge blamed on another ‘trading error’ – Gold similar ‘flash crash’ last week and similar recovery

Silver Market Morning: July 6 2017 - Gold and...

The Fed Minutes gave a less certain picture than was interpreted by the media from the statement by Janet Yellen. The Fed is worried that inflation is falling, not rising and it is now clear that if we do see a rate hike, we are unlikely to see a start to the tapering of the Fed’s Balance Sheet. But we do expect a Balance Sheet reduction from September at a very slow pace, so the prospect of a rate hike this year is falling away if the data pattern continues as it is now.

Silver Market Morning: July 5 2017 - Gold...

Silver closed at $16.08 yesterday [in London] after $16.14 at New York’s close Monday. As with gold, silver is stabilizing at lower levels. As we said yesterday, silver ignores its own fundamentals and will follow gold as a monetary metal, both ways further and faster. We are expecting the silver price to be volatile, but with the present stabilizing, we hope to see a clear direction in the price of gold and silver. The question remains, is silver forming a double bottom?

How many Silver Bars are in the LBMA Vaults in...

Sometime in the coming days, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) plans to begin publishing gold and silver vault holding totals covering the network of commercial precious vault operators in London that fall under its remit. This follows an announcement made by the LBMA on 8 May. There are seven commercial vault operators (custodians) in the LBMA custodian vault network namely, HSBC, JP Morgan, Brinks, Malca Amit, ICBC Standard Bank, Loomis (formerly Viamat), and G4S.

Silver Is Now Offered At a Discount

Have you ever been in a discussion about gold, when someone blurts out “we don’t have enough gold to operate a gold standard!” We have a standard retort. “Oh, that’s interesting. Please tell us how much gold you think would be necessary, and how you calculated it.” We have never heard a coherent answer to this question. Most people just don’t like gold, and will say whatever words they think will dismiss the monetary question entirely, without actually having to address the issues.

Silver Market Morning: July 3 2017 - Gold...

New York weakened on Friday after Shanghai and London weakened. This morning Shanghai weakened further setting the stage for London to fall. As you can see London is also seeing downward pressure as the U.S. dollar strengthened a little against all currencies bar the Pound Sterling.

Market Report: Half-year blues

Gold and silver prices were hit on Monday by a $2bn sale of Comex gold futures at about 0400 hrs EST, when US traders were not around to challenge it. Rumours of a “fat finger” appear wide of the mark. More likely it was a too-big-to-fail bank taking out all the stops to window-dress its books ahead of the half-year accounting deadline.