• Gold: 1,249.85 1.06
  • Silver: 18.18 0.01
  • Euro: 1.058 0.000
  • USDX: 100.98 -0.3
  • Oil: 54.35 -0.03

Silver Market Morning: Nov-17-2016 -- Gold And...

At the moment, in New York, sellers are present but in small numbers compared to the earlier part of the week. Buying continues in Shanghai and as we see in prices in London too. But just before the opening of New York, London moved into line with New York’s close, leaving it trying to match both gold markets. The dollar is calming down and correcting after days of surging against other currencies, but remains over the 100 level on the dollar index. We expect post-Trump turbulence to begin calming in the short term.

Silver and the Train Wreck

Silver and gold prices erratically increase along with debt. Given that silver prices are near the low end of their 20 year “megaphone” pattern, expect much higher silver prices. Further, the cost of production is increasing rapidly and the ore quality is declining. Expect prices to increase based on limited supply. Given the precariousness of the central bankers’ fiat currency Ponzi Schemes and the coming realizations about the intrinsic value of paper investments and debt instruments, silver and gold prices should move much higher in the next five years due to heavy demand.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-15-2016 -- Gold and...

When a market is as exuberant as we see currency, gold and silver markets at present, prices always fall too far or rise too high. We have seen that beautifully demonstrated in the last week. With China now taking gold higher we are looking to see just who follows who in the global gold markets. While a market then settles down, volatility rules prices. We expect that to continue, both ways.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-14-2016 -- Gold and...

With the gold price and now the silver price continuing to fall today [well over $100 on the week] because of heavy sales from the gold ETFs many are, we feel, misreading the consequences of Trump’s impact on the economy regarding gold. With 30-year Treasuries falling in price leaving yields at 3% the dollar continues to surge as carry trades are unwound. We see these moves as part of the initial exuberance after the election. But the question is, “Just how far will this exuberance go?”

Market Report: Trumped!

By early European trade this morning (Friday) gold ended sharply lower on the week at $1255, down from $1304 at last Friday’s close. It appears this weakness is driven by futures markets, since physical spot gold and silver are in backwardation out to December’s delivery. The tightness in physicals is reflected in silver, which rose from $18.42 to $18.61 on the week by last night’s close (Thursday). Gold futures contracts exchanged-for-physical on Comex jumped on Wednesday and Thursday to 45,000 contracts (4.5 million ounces) which is exceptional, and consistent with physical shortages in the market.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-11-2016 -- Gold – more...

Volatility has not finished by a long way! First we saw a Trump Hump, then a Trump Dump! There is nothing yet to establish tomorrow’s realities. Hopes and expectations are all we have to go on. While, the re-building of the U.S.’ infrastructure is on the cards [with a major cut in Company tax, together with a small 10% tax on repatriated funds from overseas, paid for with debt] we have no doubt that deflation will halt and inflation take its place. But this process will take from two to three years before we see action on the ground.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-10-2016 -- Volatile,...

Volatility is what we saw in all global markets. We doubt the volume of trading in physical gold was that much, but dealers and speculators showed their confusion taking gold and silver prices very high at first only to pull them back to their lows later in the day. But as always these gentlemen are ‘full of sound and fury and signify nothing’. It certainly was no place for widows and orphans. As we can all see, the emotional content of all global financial markets was huge, sowing confusion all around. But as the shock or awe subside, the fog will clear and a trend established.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-9-2016 -- Oops,...

The U.S. now knows that ‘Brexit’ feeling and then some! As you can see above, gold and silver will be direct beneficiaries. But here we are not just talking about a rise in prices, but a change in concept for gold, as we see global monetary turbulence, uncertainty and substantial changes to the status quo we have had for nearly a decade.

Donald Trump’s victory - BrExit times ten

Donald Trump’s victory, which I first predicted the day after the BrExit, will have the political, economic, social, and monetary impact of a “BrExit times ten.” In fact, Trump used that very phrase, per the aforementioned Audioblog title, in his speeches last week. His “unexpected” victory will be a seminal event for financial markets, which have been pushed to record valuations, amidst the worst economic environment of our lifetimes, by the “machine” fronted by the Clinton and Obamas that is now dead in the water. To that end, it may well spell the end of the gold Cartel, given that it was run by this now dead cabal – which if they still have the ability to maintain power following this historic regime change, may not see it worthwhile to continue.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-8-2016 -- Gold price...

Global financial markets are on hold until we hear the results of the U.S. Presidential results tomorrow. As we saw earlier in the last week, when Mrs. Clinton looked to be in trouble with the FBI, gold rose, discounting a Trump victory, but when exonerated, the gold price pulled back as a Clinton victory was discounted. At current levels a Clinton victory remains discounted in all world markets.