• Gold: 1,681.80 -1.24
  • Silver: 15.40 0.09
  • Euro: 1.095 0.001
  • USDX: 99.398 -0.161
  • Oil: 23.47 -2.7

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 15.40 15.46
Low|High 14.96 15.53
Change 0.09  0.56% 
Apr 09, 2020 19:56:00 EST
1 mo -1.5165 -8.96%
1 yr +0.1805 +1.19%
Low|High 11.63 19.65

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,681.80 1,685.80
Low|High 1,645.88 1,689.85
Change -1.24  -0.07% 
Apr 09, 2020 17:21:27 EST
1 mo +15.37 +0.92%
1 yr +377.13 +28.91%
Low|High 1,266.27 1,703.20

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 108.75 109.68
Low|High 108.27 110.05
Change -1.063  -0.97% 
Apr 09, 2020 16:59:27 EST
1 mo +10.3096 +10.47%
1 yr +23.081 +26.94%
Low|High 79.05 128.23

Silver Edition


Gary Christenson, April 9, 11:14 am

The coronavirus is blamed for weak global demand and damaged supply chains. The Fed is worried. But central banking is part of the problem. Central banks created bubbles, and those bubbles crashed in 2000, 2008, and 2020.

Theodore Butler, April 9, 10:56 am

There truly are strange things occurring in gold and silver, things I not only have never observed previously, but also nearly impossible to explain in rational terms. The two main things most strange are the extremely wide discounts of spot gold and silver to the most active COMEX futures months and the sudden large inflow of physical gold deposited in the COMEX gold warehouses. There is little question in my mind that the two strange occurrences are very much related, although it has taken me a bit of time to come up with an explanation.

Chris Marchese, April 4, 3:13 pm

The Mexican federal government has mandated that all non-essential businesses, including mining, temporarily suspend operations until April 30 due to the COVID-19 virus. This will impact a number of operations (especially silver), although those with heap leach operations will continue, albeit at lower production rates. This could have material impacts (should the shutdown extend beyond end of April) on those companies without weaker balance sheets. As a result of this, a large number of companies will be coming out with announcements regarding this mandated suspension. Companies not discussed further below but have put out a news release regarding suspensions of mining activities include: Gold Resource Corp (Oaxaca mining unit), Endeavour Silver (all operations), Pan-American Silver (Dolores and La Colorada), Newmont (Penasquito), Torex (ELG complex), Great Panther (Guanajuato mine complex, Topia), First Majestic (La Encantada, Santa Elena, San Dimas), Americas Gold and Silver (Cosala operations), and Excellon (La Platosa).

SilverCOTReport, April 3, 3:19 pm

COT Silver Report - April 3, 2020

Arcadia Economics, April 3, 1:36 pm

Andy Schectman: #Gold and #Silver Dealers Now Paying Above Spot For #Metal Gold and silver demand continues to surge, amid refinery and mint shutdowns, as well as unlimited quantitative easing (money printing) out of the #FederalReserve. Fortunately today we got another physical market update from Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin #PreciousMetals, who shared what his order flow has been like lately. He also talked about how on most products he (as the dealer) is paying above spot. Which is something many market participants have wondered about. So to get the latest update, click to watch the video now!

Chris Marchese, SilverSeek.com, April 2, 9:08 am

Following Part I of this piece, which highlighted three of six “next generation silver producers”, we will focus this piece on the next three, which include SilverCrest Metals, Alexco Resources, and Aurcana. The latter two don’t have tier-I silver asset but are very high grade and this group has an an all-in sustaining cost profile (AISC) in the bottom 50% on the industry cost curve, with SilverCrest and Aurcana having an AISC profile in the lowest quartile. Unlike Part I, whereby one company was nearing production, another was about to make an official production decision, and the last was still 3-4 years away from one (though worth inclusion as it will inevitably be an absolutely massive operation), these three companies are all nearing a production decision, which will be made this year assuming COVID-19 doesn’t completely shut down the capital markets or make the cost of equity very high for a prolonged period of time. As of this writing, it is looking like the metals have put in bottoms as a result of unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus and rampant physical demand, but anything can happen.

Gary Christenson, April 1, 1:17 pm

Silver is real money, not a debt-based fiat currency that will eventually fail. Silver bullion production requires capital and effort to mine and refine. We use it for solar panels, iPhones, cruise missiles and thousands of other items. Silver is monetary sanity.

Jeff Clark, April 1, 12:40 pm

As you might know, a plethora of mining companies around the world have announced they suspended part or all of their operations. It’s probably worse than we know, as I suspect other miners have curtailed activities even if they haven’t announced it.

Clive Maund, March 29, 3:39 pm

Whichever way you cut it, silver’s chart looks bearish for the short to medium-term, but against this we must set its rapidly improving COT structure and the mega-bullish silver to gold ratio (by all past standards).

Chris Marchese, March 29, 11:38 am

Due to government mandated shutdowns of select businesses and in this case, mining, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been rather limited news flow except that related to temporarily suspending mining operations. It is important to note those companies which have temporarily placed operations on care and maintenance (C&M) will see cash outflows from those assets as C&M cost money. Strong balance sheets and available liquidity are imperative given the current market uncertainty. $AEM $AGI $BTC $CXB.TO $CG.TO $EGO $EDV.TO $EQX $FSM $HL $IAG $HL $LUG.TO $MUX $OGC.TO $PAAS $SSRM

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