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Key Gold Ratios to Other Markets: Gold/Silver Ratio

September 19, 2020

Gold/Silver Ratio Gold/Silver is in a potential bounce pattern with RSI and MACD positive divergences. A bounce (if applicable) – which would likely come in unison with a counter-trend bounce in USD could accompany more broad  market pressure and possibly a brief whiff of deflation. As we’ve noted in NFTRH for much of 2020, silver has trounced gold and that is a bigger picture inflationary signal in the “metallic credit spread” (H/T Bob Hoye). READ…

Where there’s a silver tip, there’s a silver tap (FT)

September 18, 2020

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Silver At $140: Can It Really Happen?

September 01, 2020

Please click here now. As expected, silver burst upside from the inverse head and shoulders bottom I highlighted on this chart… and now looks ready to test this year’s highs. Silver is a “must own” asset in an inflationary environment.  Using both 1970s inflation and Fibonacci analysis, it’s my contention that if inflation surges as gold moves towards $3000, silver could rally to about $140.  That’s a gold to silver ratio of about 20:1, akin to what was achieved at the…

Silver Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #28: Volatility & Consolidation Continues


Precious Metals Better Investments: Uncle Sam Cuts Interest Payments to Bondholders

August 28, 2020

At some point, Americans are going to have to wake up.  With the Fed funds rate set at 0.25, Americans can no longer earn any interest with their money in the bank.  I just checked the average interest rates paid on a five-year CD is a whopping 0.36% while a Money Market Account pays a hefty 0.11%.  Talk about what a losing game that is when the real inflation is running at 7-13% per year. So, if money, or let’s correctly use the term “currency,” is a losing proposition,…

LBMA-COMEX collusion intensifies as CME approves 267 LBMA gold and silver bar brands

August 24, 2020

In a move which has gone entirely unnoticed in the precious metals markets, but which signals gold and silver bar delivery constraints for the COMEX gold and silver futures contracts, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), operator of the New York based COMEX, has quietly and under the radar, hugely expanded its lists of eligible refinery gold and silver bar brands that can be delivered against the massively traded flagship GC 100 (100 oz gold) and SI (5000 oz silver) contracts. These…

The "Speculative Bubble" in Gold and Silver

August 19, 2020

Just because prices have been rallying, the market generalists and their sycophant media have been pushing the idea that gold and silver are somehow in a "speculative bubble". However, even just a quick, basic review of the COMEX market internals reveals that this is nothing but lazy misinformation.

Scotiabank Will Pay $127.4 Million to Settle Silver Spoofing Claims

August 19, 2020

Bank of Nova Scotia agreed to pay $127.4 million to settle U.S. allegations that the company engaged in spoofing of gold and silver futures contracts, and made false statements to the government. As part of the accord, Bank of Nova Scotia will pay a $17 million fine on Commodity Futures Trading Commission claims that it dramatically misrepresented the scope of the alleged wrongdoing. The bank made multiple false statements during the CFTC’s investigation of a spoofing case that was…

Missed the gold rush? There’s a SILVER lining!

August 17, 2020

"Silver is likely to continue its outperformance,” Manoj Jain, Director / Head of Commodity and Currency Research, Prithvi Finmart, told NDTV. He added that “The dollar value is on the decline as US growth is at an all-time low. Discovery of a Covid-19 vaccine will lead to a rebound in global industrial activity and push silver rates still higher." Gold, which is a traditional safe-haven asset at a time of economic uncertainty and a hedge against inflation, is also likely to do…

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