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Silver and platinum will outperform gold in 2021 - UBS

January 13, 2021

UBS Global Wealth Management strategists said silver and platinum will outperform gold in 2021 as the economy recovers and industrial demand picks up.   A greater focus from policymakers on renewable energy and decarbonization in 2021 may also help silver. According to UBS, more than 50% of silver used in industrial applications is linked to solar panels and electronics.  Meanwhile, gold will struggle to attract sufficient exchange-traded fund inflows to sustain prices…

2021 Gold and Silver Price Forecast

January 12, 2021

Gold & Silver Victimized By Paper Games (GoldSeek)  

Expect A Big Move In Gold, Silver And The Mining Stocks This Year (GoldSeek)

January 04, 2021  

Silver COT Report Delayed Due to the Holidays

December 31, 2020

Will be released on Monday, January 4th

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