• Gold: 1,087.32 0.99
  • Silver: 14.56 0.04
  • Euro: 1.088 -0.007
  • USDX: N/A N/A
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Live Silver

Bid|Ask 14.56 14.58
Low|High 14.39 14.67
Change 0.05  0.31% 
Aug 04, 2015 15:12:29 EST
1 mo -1.1291 -7.19%
1 yr -5.6196 -27.84%
Low|High 14.38 20.46

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,087.48 1,087.69
Low|High 1,081.03 1,094.72
Change 1.15  0.11% 
Aug 04, 2015 15:12:26 EST
1 mo -80.68 -6.91%
1 yr -201.09 -15.61%
Low|High 1,076.77 1,322.72

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 74.61 74.68
Low|High 74.44 75.17
Change -0.2045  -0.27% 
Aug 04, 2015 15:12:27 EST
1 mo +0.2477 +0.33%
1 yr +10.7853 +16.9%
Low|High 63.28 78.56

Silver Edition


David Bond, August 4, 2:57 pm

We've been off the information grid for nearly a month now. Oh, we've still got electricity, the internet, the gas and water and sewer connexions, but a month ago the satellite went away at our command, so no more government and corporate news at 6 p.m. or the Sunday morning food-fights.

Clint Siegner, August 3, 3:10 pm

If there are words to characterize the precious metals markets for July, it would be “divergences” and “shortages.” There was heavy selling in the leveraged futures market and extraordinary buying demand and shortages in physical coins, rounds, and bars.

Andrew Hoffman, August 3, 12:44 pm

This weekend, I hosted a barbecue for two of the best guys in our business; Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg and Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. Like myself, Mike is a New Yorker and former Wall Street Energy analyst (he at Lehman Brothers, I at Salomon Smith Barney) who left the den of thieves to move to Colorado and join the “alternative media,” where he discusses a variety of topics from finance to civil rights to healthy living.

Jeff Lewis, August 3, 11:21 am

COMEX is the most important derivative exchange for silver volume by far. It remains the primary price determining mechanism. Tokyo and Shanghai are tiny in comparison. London is a dark , non-standard over-the-market, priced in US dollars, that keys from COMEX while being fully managed by the big banks.

Bix Weir, August 1, 4:50 pm

The US Mint is not a very good liar. They are manipulating their sales data to stifle silver investor sentiment. My fight with the US Mint goes back 7 years. I wrote them in June 2008 to point out that stopping production of the US Silver Eagles was AGAINST THE LAW because the law required them to produce SAE's "in quantities sufficient to meet public demand." Since that time, and through my continual pestering over the years, they CHANGED THE LAW to make the US Treasury Secretary the one who decides if the coins are being produced to meet demand and only he has the power to stop or limit production.

SRSrocco, August 1, 4:45 pm

With the continued uncertainty in the global financial system, investors purchased record Gold and Silver Eagles. Sales of Gold and Silver Eagles remained subdued in the first five months of the year…. that is, until the situation of a possible Greek exit of the European Union stirred up a huge surge in buying in June.

SilverCOTReport, July 31, 3:19 pm

COT Silver Report - July 31, 2015

Alasdair Macleod, July 31, 9:45 am

Precious metals appear to be in limbo: speculative buyers are discouraged above all by their disappointing performance during the Greek crisis, and the possibility that a Chinese stock market crash might lead to forced selling of gold by Chinese speculators. So far, the latter concern has proved unfounded with public demand in China accelerating on lower prices and exceeding global mine output on its own. As well as Chinese demand, anecdotal evidence tells us that at these prices physical demand from the public has increased elsewhere, with gold sovereigns becoming scarce in London. And our dealers yesterday reported buyers outweighing sellers this week.

SRSrocco, July 30, 9:23 pm

If you are a precious metals investor, you need to see this chart. Matter-a-fact, this is the first time (to my knowledge) in the history of precious metals analysis that the information in this chart has been made public. One look at this chart and the investor will see the the huge difference between the cost to produce the precious metals.

Andrew Hoffman, July 30, 12:09 pm

As usual, I have extremely timely, eminently actionable topics to discuss. And while I’d love to simply talk “big picture,” the collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme is moving too rapidly to be complacent. Trust me, I’d love to take a well-deserved rest – and man, is it well-deserved. However, the so-called “race to the finish” is on; and as I not only love my job, but feel compelled to do it as well as possible, there’s no way I’m going to slow down any time soon. In return, I ask for nothing but your goodwill, and help in spreading such “gospel” as rapidly as possible. That said, Miles Franklin would clearly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, if you happen to be considering the purchase, sale, or storage of Precious Metals.

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