• Gold: 1,198.34 -0.56
  • Silver: 16.39 -0.10
  • Euro: 1.260 -0.001
  • USDX: 86.155 0.127
  • Oil: 80.94 -0.03

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 16.38 16.39
Low|High 16.38 16.54
Change -0.11  -0.66% 
Oct 30, 2014 22:17:02 EST
1 mo -0.5779 -3.41%
1 yr -5.523 -25.22%
Low|High 16.36 22.61

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,198.24 1,198.42
Low|High 1,197.72 1,202.71
Change -0.66  -0.06% 
Oct 30, 2014 22:17:02 EST
1 mo -9.77 -0.81%
1 yr -124.85 -9.44%
Low|High 1,182.35 1,388.54

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 73.11 73.17
Low|High 72.60 73.12
Change 0.5044  0.69% 
Oct 30, 2014 22:17:04 EST
1 mo +1.9514 +2.74%
1 yr +12.7507 +21.12%
Low|High 59.28 73.16

Silver Edition


Andrew Hoffman, October 30, 4:14 pm

Hopefully, readers understand just how much resource we put into the Miles Franklin Blog, both financial and human. Fortunately, we love what we do; and from a personal perspective, my work gives meaning to my life in an increasingly chaotic world. However, we cannot emphasize enough that we have a business to run; and thus, we humbly ask that if you are considering buying, selling, trading or storing precious metals, please call us at 800-822-8080 and give us a chance to earn your business.

Andrew Hoffman, October 29, 3:32 pm

In the run-up to this afternoon’s supposed “end of QE”, “mainstream madness” has reached a fever pitch – as has TPTB’s “manipulation, jawboning, and prayer.” Humanity’s dark side is fully visible in articles like “Yahoo! Finance’s illustration of QE “success”; a panel of sub-humans attacking Peter Schiff for telling the truth to the delight of CNBC’s bubble-headed, Stepford Wife host; and of course, flat out contradictions, as the dumbed down media rapidly loses touch with reality. Meanwhile in Europe, the ECBs Chief Economist claims to see no signs of deflation or recession, despite having taken interest rates to negative territory and initiated a new round of QE.

Ruben Varela, Jr., October 28, 8:25 pm

For over the last 3 years, TPTB have been throwing everything including the kitchen sink at gold and silver to suppress the price. They've done a great job, i must admit - but ultimately, they will find their endeavor to suppress "real money" as futile as attempting to swim a beach ball to the bottom of a pool.

David Smith, October 28, 4:21 pm

For all of the above reasons, make sure you own one or more of these four increasingly precious metals. Don’t consider their purchase to be an expense. You’re simply exchanging a paper currency that continues to lose purchasing power, for real money which not only holds onto its value, but tends to increase over time. Now that proposition is good news in anyone’s book!

admin, October 28, 12:44 pm

 Vancouver, BC - Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. (TSX.V:SCZ) (the "Company" or "Santacruz") announces that further to its news release dated September 11, 2014, it has filed an independent NI 43-101 technical report in...

SilverCOTReport, October 24, 3:25 pm

COT Silver Report - October 24, 2014

Adam Hamilton, October 24, 11:53 am

Battered silver remains deeply out of favor, recently plumbing miserable new lows after drifting sideways for most of 2014. This metal’s relentless and oppressive weakness continues to break the wills of long-suffering contrarians. But professional investors are taking advantage of the epically-bearish psychology plaguing silver. They’ve been steadily accumulating positions all year long in massive stealth buying.

Jeff Lewis, October 24, 9:11 am

Behind the scenes (or rather, behind the curtain of propaganda) the most influential of the banking class is sending out smoke signals. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is the bank for central banks, has telegraphed the next major world financial downturn.

Alasdair Macleod, October 24, 9:07 am

For gold and silver it has been a week of two halves: first prices rallied to a peak on Tuesday, then declined to show net losses for the week on Wednesday for silver and Thursday for gold.

Andrew Hoffman, October 23, 1:45 pm

It’s very early Thursday morning, in a historically manipulated financial world that has become an utter vortex of propaganda, ignorance and complacence. As David Stockman put it yesterday, “there is a PPT, and it is the Federal Reserve.” More broadly, the world’s “financial leaders” have become addicted to rigging everything from stocks to economic data to media coverage; as often as not, completely oblivious that what they are doing is not only wrong and ill-fated but destroying the lives of millions – if not billions – of people.

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