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GoldSeek Nugget -- Steve Rocco: How safe are bank accounts? Silver is selling near the cost...


In this March 24th, audio nugget, Steve Rocco, of the Rocco Report, returns with extraordinarily bullish comments on the PMs sector.

1.30 - The derivatives fiasco is unstable...

3.00 - 4 largest domestic banks have $170 TRILLION in derivatives exposure, according to one online source.

4.20 - How safe are bank accounts?

9.00 - PMs miners and exploration shares.

10.00 - Silver is selling near the cost of production.

12.10 - Gold mining shares forecasts.

18.16 - Energy Crisis 2.0 in 2023-2025?

23.50 - "People must be in physical precious metals."

26.00 - Unrest in Europe could spread to the US, making safe havens essential.

29.00 - The supply of investment grade gold and silver is insufficient to satiate potential global demand.

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