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Silver Commentaries

Why a Dow Peak Will Boost Silver

June 20, 2024

If silver again outperforms the Dow to the extent it did during the early cycle (1931–1988), then we could see some crazy high silver prices.

Ted Butler Passes From Our Sight

Ted was the only precious metals commentator on the Internet with any commodity-trading experience...twenty-five years worth...first at Drexel Burnham Lambert -- and then with Merrill. He was an authority on futures, options, swaps, spreads, precious metals leasing...the lot -- as that was his livelihood. Nobody -- and I mean nobody, held a candle to him.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Morgan: Silver to Hit $50 Soon

Morgan predicts that silver will likely test the $50 mark soon, with a high probability of eventually breaking through and stabilizing above that level after a few attempts.

Silver Plating in Aerospace and Military: Existing Vaults Could Be Wiped Out by a Handful of Silver Plating Purchase Orders

June 13, 2024

Silver enthusiasts hear about its use in electronics, solar panels, and the Green Energy Revolution but a hidden use of silver in the Military Industrial Complex is rarely discussed.

Silver Demand in the Solar Sector Could Squeeze Silver Supply in the Future

The silver market is already running significant deficits with silver demand outstripping supply. The structural deficit in 2023 came in at 184.3 million ounces.

Gold & Silver Get Slammed on Positive Economic Reports

June 10, 2024

Recently though, the monetary metals are seriously taking it on the chin - and what was looking like a positive week is now well into the red.

A Premeditated & Collusive Commercial Bear Raid

The physical demand in silver at the wholesale level continues unabated -- and that was on display again this net withdrawals continued at the COMEX, but with big deposits into SLV and other ETFs and mutual funds. The amount of silver being physically moved, withdrawn or changing ownership seems to be hitting new heights with each passing week -- and that trend continued this week.

Silver Shines in the Precious Metals Market

Maharrey says: "Silver has historically outperformed gold in a gold bull market, so if you're bullish on gold, you should be even more bullish on silver."

This Silver Bull Still Has Strong Legs!

Lin projects we could see silver surpass the record of $50 an ounce very quickly. And even if we don't see record prices in the coming months, the outlook for silver is positive.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - John Rubino: Gold to $10,000, Silver to $300

Rubino states gold could soar to $5,000-$10,000 an ounce and silver to $200-$300, as the current bull market is just beginning against a flawed global financial system.

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