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Silver Commentaries

Silver Showdown: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars vs. Shipping Giants in a Tug-of-War for Critical Metal. Either Way, Silver Soars.

November 30, 2023

The excellent news is hydrogen fuel cell cars, trucks, vans, barges, ships, ferries, and yachts will gobble up way more silver than traditional electric cars within years.

The Silver Lining in the Latest Inflation Numbers

November 27, 2023

CPM Group Founder Jeffrey Christian expects silver to continue its upswing in 2024 with the typical peaks and valleys, to $22-$27 USD with an average increase of 5% over 2023 prices. 

GAME CHANGER! Silver Revolutionizes Fuel Cell Technology, Paving the Way for Fuel Cell Car Supremacy

November 24, 2023

Silver kicks platinum out of the fuel cell manufacturing process, making fuel cell cars cost competitive with EVs. Moreover, fuel cell cars perform much better than EVs.

Silver Tiger Metals Moving from Exploration Towards Mining Its 176M Silver Equiv. Ounce Deposit...

November 24, 2023

President & CEO of Silver Tiger Metals Glenn Jessome says, "We raised $91 million over that 7-8 year period as an exploration company for our asset in Sonora, Mexico where we drilled a 125,000 meters."

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Robert Kiyosaki: Silver Could Move Higher Several times Higher than Gold..

November 23, 2023

"Our national debt is going through the roof. So I wish I wasn't a gold fan, but gold is the only self defense mechanism there is right now. And silver, I like silver also. Just because they can't print it. And that's kind of my philosophy: if they can print it, I don't want it."

Blackrock Silver's 100 Million Silver Eq. Ounce Resource in Nevada, Can Add Another 40-50M ozs By...

November 22, 2023

Blackrock established the project as one of the highest-grade undeveloped silver projects globally, and the highest-grade in the nation.

A $10 Million Strategic Investment by Hecla into Dolly Varden's High Grade Silver-Gold Project

November 21, 2023

President Shawn discusses how the company is advancing the project forward along with Hecla Mining's recent $10 Million strategic investment into Dolly Varden Silver.

One of the Largest & Highest Grade Undeveloped Silver Projects in the World, Southern Silver's 350M

November 19, 2023

In a well-established silver mining district in Durango, Southern Silver boasts a huge 350 MILLION Silver Equivalent Ounces (140M Silver equiv. indicated and 210M in the inferred category) at its Cerro Las Minitas project.

India Imports 60 Million Oz. of Silver in October

November 18, 2023

And not to be forgotten were the approximately 61 million troy ounces that India imported during October -- and the question has to be asked as to where that all came from considering that the silver market is in a structural deficit. Inquiring minds, including yours and mine, would love to know. One has to suspect that it came from JPMorgan & Friends.

GoGold: Building on a History of Success with a Roadmap to Mine 15-17 Million Silver Ounces..

November 18, 2023

Live from Zurich, I speak with the President and CEO of GoGold Resources, Bradley Langille, about their roadmap to becoming a 15 to 17 million Silver equivalent ounce producer at under $10 an ounce.

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