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What Happened?

December 08, 2023

The CFTC and CME Group pretend all is well. All isn’t well, as the real losers are everyone outside the private COMEX betting game, which have to live with the artificial prices determined on the COMEX – particularly in silver.

Silver Surge: Fuel Cells Outpace Solar in Silver Demand by 10x

December 08, 2023

Total demand for silver for use in Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars, trucks, vans, ships, barges, yachts, ferries, boats, and HVAC will be 10 Times Greater than silver in Solar Panels.

Live from Zurich, GoldSeek TV Interviews Mining Industry Executives and Experts

December 07, 2023

Live from the Zurich Precious Metals Summit, GoldSeek TV speaks with mining industry executives and experts. 20 interviews were filmed at the Precious Metals Summit in Zurich on November 13 and 14.

Silver Zinc Batteries: A Superior Choice for Critical Applications

December 05, 2023

Unlike other batteries that pose risks and inefficiencies, Silver Zinc batteries offer a reliable and safe solution while minimizing environmental concerns associated with heavy metal waste.

Reprogram Your Mind: Gold and Silver Don’t Change, Paper Money Does

In these times of debased currency, rising inflation, higher taxes, and uncertainty everywhere, holding precious metals is more important than ever.

Decade-Long Evolution Of Silver Prices In India

November 30, 2023

India, renowned for its diverse culture and rich history, has always had a special place for silver in its economy. Over the years, the silver market has seen significant fluctuations. This article aims to shed light on the evolution of silver prices in India over the last decade. Read more at:

The Silver Lining in the Latest Inflation Numbers

November 27, 2023

CPM Group Founder Jeffrey Christian expects silver to continue its upswing in 2024 with the typical peaks and valleys, to $22-$27 USD with an average increase of 5% over 2023 prices. 

Silver Tiger Metals Moving from Exploration Towards Mining Its 176M Silver Equiv. Ounce Deposit...

November 24, 2023

President & CEO of Silver Tiger Metals Glenn Jessome says, "We raised $91 million over that 7-8 year period as an exploration company for our asset in Sonora, Mexico where we drilled a 125,000 meters."

Silvercorp and OreCorp Enter into Amending Agreement

November 23, 2023

As of the date of this announcement, Silvercorp holds 72,312,344 OreCorp Shares, representing 15.40% of the fully paid ordinary shares of OreCorp.

Kootenay Silver Drills 1,142 gpt Silver Over 2.37 Meters Within 510 gpt over 9.67 Meters at Columba High Grade Silver Project

President & CEO McDonald states: "The widths and grades we are seeing at D Vein are extremely encouraging and support our belief in the potential of defining a significantly sized silver resource."

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