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Should I Buy Silver Miners? David Morgan Explains

July 17, 2024

Now, demand for silver is climbing. And there is a supply shortage. But with narrow margins, times are tough for silver mining companies, even with silver at $30.

Outcrop Silver Intercepts 6.52 Metres of 828 Grams Silver Equivalent per Tonne at the Aguilar Discovery

The company is pleased to announce additional drill results at the Aguilar vein discovery located 5 kilometres south of the existing resource along the 30 kilometre vein corridor.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Alasdair Macleod: Currency Collapse, Gold & Silver Investment Strategy

Macleod discusses how paper currencies are failing, leading Asian countries to consider a gold standard. He suggests that silver may rise faster than gold as a strategic investment.

Silver is Very Close to a Sustained Multi-Year Rally

July 16, 2024

We're nearing a period where massive, sustained silver rallies will likely occur, as the best rallies often happen near peaks, with silver rallying around 2 years before each peak.

Technical Scoop: Panic Trigger, Speculated Cut, Toppy Gold

Silver is not in any danger unless we were to break under $29/$29.50. If that happened, we could soon fall back to $27/$28.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Peter Grandich: Gold's Shift to Asia, Silver's Rising Importance

Grandich notes gold's shift to Asia has strengthened its market position, adding that both gold and silver now have equal importance, supported by global and U.S. political factors.

The Silver Guru: The Bullish And Bearish Trends In The Silver Market

July 12, 2024

David and I discuss the bullish and bearish trends in the silver market. A lot of people are curious to understand the silver price of late, and David has some useful insights.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bill Murphy: Silver's Bullish Surge

Murphy noted silver's resilience below $30 for years despite efforts to suppress it. Recently surpassing this mark, attempts to lower it have proven unsuccessful.

Silver and Gold: Insurance Against US Monetary Collapse

July 03, 2024

Silver is probably close to a generational breakout and could rise for the majority of this decade.

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