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What Does Julian Assange Have to Do with Silver Price? Everything!!! How Silver Price Manipulation Works. Smoking Gun Revealed.

June 27, 2024

WikiLeaks exposed market manipulation involving paper silver trades. It is recommended to acquire physical silver and invest in select silver mining companies.

Kootenay Adds Drill at Columba High-Grade Silver Project

CEO McDonald: "We have completed over 30,000 meters of drilling at Columba and are extremely excited to see the project growing in size."

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Andy Schectman: Silver Market Manipulation

Four commercial banks arrived in Shanghai the same day Shanghai's silver stockpiles began massive depletion, possibly to cover naked shorts before the scheme blows up.

Hockey's Great Silver Reward

Who wouldn't want to get their hands on over $23,000 in silver or over $100 grand in gold? Of course, if you don't play hockey or soccer, you're out of luck.

Outcrop Silver Achieves Exceptional Recovery of 96.3% Silver and 98.5% Gold in Updated Metallurgical Testing at Santa Ana

CEO Harris: "Our ability to achieve incredible recovery rates and produce high-grade concentrates demonstrates the project's efficiency in extracting significant value from the ground."

The Power of Regression

You're seeing targets of $50 in silver and $3,000 in gold. Absolutely yes, but not yet. We want to stay in the wall of worry for as many years as possible to produce the highest move at the final top.

Gold & Silver Stocks: Let The Good Times Roll

I have a fresh SGS system bull signal for the precious metals sector. We are significant buyers, and from here it’s all about letting the good times roll! 

Technical Scoop: Signal Impacts, Precious Consolidation, Oil Recovery

Silver eked out a 0.5% gain on the week, despite last Friday’s sharp pullback. Silver lost $1.21 this past Friday or 3.9%. Otherwise, it would have been a good week.

Gold and Silver Charts Looking Most Encouraging...

June 23, 2024

Another interesting point to observe on these charts is the recent strength of silver relative to gold – gold has been in corrective mode since April but silver forged ahead in May...

Why a Dow Peak Will Boost Silver

June 20, 2024

If silver again outperforms the Dow to the extent it did during the early cycle (1931–1988), then we could see some crazy high silver prices.

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