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Three Things That Are Killing Silver

February 28, 2024

The current silver price is less than half its 1980 peak price in nominal terms alone ($22.80 currently vs. $48.50 1980).

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Morgan: Silver's Supply Struggle

February 26, 2024

Morgan says, "It's inevitable at some point, and I don't know if it's this year, where the availability of silver becomes harder to get and the industry starts to worry."

The Gold/Silver Ratio Says Silver’s Still Cheap

February 25, 2024

Without a legally imposed gold/silver ratio or dollar peg, the number is now free to fluctuate and can be a valuable tool when considering if it’s a good time to buy.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Silver's Moment of Decision

February 23, 2024

Brickman is long-term bullish on silver. He says that a breakdown below $22 would be the last chance to get on board the silver train.

Locked and Loaded

February 22, 2024

We have now reached the point in silver (and gold) where it is difficult for me to see how prices don’t quickly explode. Everything I look at, from a physical supply/demand perspective to the paper positioning set up on the COMEX, tells me we are at the point where only an upward price surge makes any sense

Market Updates

The Curious Case of Languishing Silver Prices

February 28, 2024

The accuracy of publicly available silver inventory statistics is questionable. Should the deficit between output and consumption persist, it is hard to see how the silver price won’t climb.

Technical Scoop: New Highs, Precious Accumulation, Due Debt

February 26, 2024

Silver remains 54% under its all-time high. Gold gained 1.3% this past week, but silver gave back following its strong up week last week, losing 2.1%.

COT Silver Report - February 23, 2024

February 23, 2024

Positions as of 20 February, 2024

Bullish Industry Silver Forecast on Soaring 2024 Demand

February 20, 2024

A move above $30 per ounce would represent a massive technical breakout. The metal hasn’t been able to climb above $30 since prices broke down in 2013.  

Technical Scoop: Vibrant Inflation, Rising Oil, Possible Turn

February 20, 2024

Gold fell then bounced back and silver leaped. Silver still needs to take out $24, $25 and once above $26 we will have a confirmed low and will be most likely headed to $30.

Silver Stocks

What does a QUARTER OF A BILLION ounces of SILVER plus 1.8M+ GOLD ounces plus base metals look like?

February 20, 2024

In 2023, the Carangas Project announced its maiden resource estimate of 670 Million Silver Equivalent Ounces, indicated + inferred. What Does a World-Class Discovery Look Like?

Silvercorp Reports Adjusted Net Income of $11.5 Million, $0.06 per Share, and Cash Flow from Operations of $23.6 Million for Q3 Fiscal 2024

February 09, 2024

The company sold approximately 1,342 ounces of gold, 1.7 million ounces of silver, 16.2 million pounds of lead, and 7.3 million pounds of zinc, for revenue of $58.5 million.

Silvercorp Metals Inc. With President Lon Shaver On Strategic Offer For OreCorp

February 09, 2024

The interview, conducted by Coreena Robertson on The Watchlist, featured Lon Shaver, President of Silvercorp Metals, discussing the differences between Silvercorp's offer for OreCorp and Perseus's hostile bid.

Silvercorp Metals - High-Grade Silver Drill Results at The TLP Mine

My analysis clearly shows just how successful this phase of Silvercorp’s exploration drilling has been in defining areas of high-grade mineralisation at the TLP Mine for mining in the future.

Silver is the Most Efficient Metal for Transmitting Energy, Period! Outcrop Silver & Gold's 2024

February 08, 2024

I speak with the President and CEO of Outcrop Silver & Gold, Ian Harris about the large physical silver deficit in the silver markets along with the plans for the company in 2024.

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