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Jim Cook Interviews Ted Butler

December 02, 2020

Cook: What is the reason for the extreme price volatility in the silver market? Butler: We're reaching the end of the line, in terms of the final resolution and the train is shaking so much, it looks to be coming off the tracks.

Don't Let the Silver (and Gold) Bull Shake You Off!

December 02, 2020

What do you think might happen to silver prices – and premiums – if "all of the silver mined globally in a year has been spoken for"?

3 Metallic Amigos and Their Messages

December 02, 2020

It’s time to watch the Silver/Gold ratio for new forward indications, and let the industrial metals hysteria play itself out. But make no mistake, Copper/Gold is the tail and Silver/Gold is the dog. Not the other way around.

Americans Are Leading The World By Hedging Their Bets In Silver

November 22, 2020

This year, Americans have purchased one out of every three ounces of physical silver bar and coin compared to the rest of the world. And, that’s not all. If we also consider total Silver ETF demand, the U.S. based SLV ETF has seen its inventories increase by over 200 million oz in 2020.

Dave Kranzler’s Silver Forecast For End of 2020

November 21, 2020

2020 has been a wild year in the silver market. And to find out how precious metals analyst Dave Kranzler thinks it’s going to end.

Market Updates

Gold and Silver COMEX December Delivery Preview: Bob Coleman

December 02, 2020

Many analysts and traders are expecting record-setting delivery numbers for gold and silver in the COMEX December delivery month.

Silver, Gold, Stk Mkt, & Oil: Weekly Chart Waves

Silver is arguably more impressive than gold right now.  It has the potential for incredible gains in the year ahead. We believe that all of wave ii of 3 is complete at the 21.81 low and we are starting wave iii.

COT Silver Report - November 20, 2020

November 20, 2020

COT Silver Report - Positions as of Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Silver Market Getting Primed For Another Massive Buying Wave As Silver Eagle Sales Surge Higher In November

November 19, 2020

The Silver Market is just one step away from another MASSIVE BUYING WAVE and is just waiting for the next leg to drop in the global economy and financial system to do so.

Andy Schectman: Silver Crashed By Wall Street Algos

November 17, 2020

Earlier this week the gold and silver prices were clobbered, with no apparent news being responsible for the move.

Silver Stocks

Kootenay Silver: Exploration Update

Since our last update on the company's exploration endeavors, the company has released three exploration updates from its Columba and Copalito Projects.

Silver Miners’ Q3’20 Fundamentals

The highest prevailing silver prices in the better part of a decade fueled big growth in profits, sales, and operating cash flows.  And with silver remaining high despite being in a healthy correction, silver miners’ super-bullish trend of fast-improving fundamentals is likely to continue.  That portends much-higher silver-stock prices as their metal’s next bull-market upleg gets underway.  This silver-stock bull has lots of room to run.

What's next at Terronera

November 16, 2020

Terronera has the potential to become Endeavour’s next core asset and its largest and lowest cost mine

Silver & Gold Seeker Report Issue #39 ~ This Week In Mining: Volatility, Earnings, and Weakness in Gold Stocks


Kootenay Intercepts 933 Gpt Silver Equivalent over 2.25 Meters from Final Drill-holes Completed at Copalito Silver-gold Project, Mexico

James McDonald, President and CEO, states “We are very pleased the first ever drill program conducted on Copalito has shown excellent grade potential and continuity of vein structures. This indicates the potential for discovery and delineation of high-grade resources is good.”

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