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Was $18 Silver the Bottom? Next Pivot? - Lawrence Lepard

August 11, 2022

Lawrence Lepard joins us today to talk about the Silver prices and whether the bottom is in or not. We also discuss the Gold Market, the latest inflation surge, and energy.

Silver Coin Premiums – Another Collapse?

August 10, 2022

Whatever the case, there is nothing historical to justify paying 40-50% premiums and more (as much as 100% a couple of years ago) ...

The End Game for Silver Shenanigans...

August 09, 2022

If outflows in the next 18 months match those of the past 18 months, the available physical inventory could approach zero. That is the moment when holding silver IOUs will not be the same as holding the metal itself.

The Fed Is All Talk, and JPMorgan Trial EXPLAINED - Chris Marcus

August 08, 2022

Chris Marcus from the YouTube channel Arcadia Economics joins us today to discuss the Fed's latest moves and whether or not we believe in what they are saying. Furthermore, we get into the latest news of the JPMorgan spoofing trial.

The Big Commercial Silver Shorts Stand Pat

I'll point out here that Goldman Sachs, up until late last year, had no derivatives in the COMEX futures market in any of the four precious metals. But they did show up in the last two OCC Reports. Now they have a $5.96 billion position, virtually all in silver -- and Ted thinks they're long silver in the OTC market.

What Is Going On With Silver Premiums? - Patrick Yip

August 04, 2022

We discuss with APMEX the reasons behind the current high premiums and the supply challenges in the physical silver and gold market.

COMEX Silver CoT Update

August 03, 2022

Six weeks ago, we wrote about the growing bullishness of the set-up in COMEX silver. The situation has since grown more extreme, so it's time for an update.

David Smith: Looking at the Price Vs the Value of Silver

August 03, 2022

David Smith talks about the value of silver in the case of a financial systemic issue. On one hand it can be draining reading the financial news each day, and preparing for a break in the system, only to see the powers that be patch things over and keep delaying..

Silver Market Recovery Bounce | Can It Last? - David Morgan

August 03, 2022

David Morgan joins us again to discuss the silver market continuing to rally after cementing the best weekly performance since March. We also talk about a price prediction in the upcoming months.

Silver’s Bad Break

August 02, 2022

Silver needs to be at $64 oz. right now to match the inflation-adjusted peak from April 2011. Even if silver were at $64 oz now, it would still need to be triple that number to match the January 1980 peak. The inflation-adjusted, 1980 intraday peak for silver is currently $187 oz.

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