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Three Unstoppable Forces Set to Drive Silver Prices

October 20, 2020

The threat of economically crippling lockdowns, the promise of unending monetary stimulus, and the uncertainty of game-changing political outcomes – this is the “new normal” for investors.

Goldman Sachs Likes Silver; Trump Wants Even More Stimulus

October 18, 2020

Goldman Sachs paints bullish picture for silver, warns “risks are skewed toward dollar weakness” with a possible blue wave.

Silver Market

Given both supply and demand factors, Capital Economics estimates the silver market will remain in a small deficit, right through to 2022. 

US Mint Is Not Raising Prices on Most Silver Eagles (But Market Forces May)

The news of a price increase isn’t wrong. It’s just that it won’t directly impact anyone except those people buying high-priced coins in specialty packaging directly from the U.S. Mint.

Silver & Gold, Plus Their Equities, Surge Higher on Friday

October 11, 2020

No one is happy about the underperformance of the precious metal equities, which includes me of course.  And as I said in this space last week -- and the week before...'da boyz' or the high-frequency traders, are still in firm control of precious metal prices in the COMEX futures market, although they appeared to take a break on Friday.  However, far brighter days will be ahead once these current engineered price declines are in the rear-view mirror.  That may have started yesterday, but it…

Silver-ETF Selling Mounting

All bull markets naturally flow then ebb, taking two steps forward before retreating one step back.  Their price action gradually meanders around uptrends.  This normal upleg-correction pattern keeps sentiment balanced, extending bull markets’ longevity.  And it is a huge boon for traders, greatly expanding bulls’ potential gains.  Look to aggressively buy silver and its miners’ stocks as this silver correction runs its course.

THE FORMER INDUSTRIAL METAL: The Silver Price Surges As Copper & Oil Get Crushed

October 02, 2020

The notion that silver is just an “Industrial Metal” was utterly destroyed today as both the copper and oil prices were crushed as silver surged higher.  This is precisely what I was looking for as a positive sign showing that silver is now disconnecting itself from the INDUSTRIAL METAL BALL & CHAIN.

The DOJ/CFTC/JPMorgan Settlement

October 01, 2020

As expected, the settlement narrowly focuses on spoofing, the illegal short term trading device and not the much more serious long term suppression of silver (and gold) prices that I claim JPMorgan has been guilty of since 2008.  As such, any claims by victims of JPMorgan’s illegal activities would have to show damage from very short term trading, a difficult and expensive undertaking. As I have explained previously, were the Justice Department and CFTC to have alleged a long term suppression…

Silver Market Update - great buy spot ahead of 2nd big upleg...

October 01, 2020

The conclusion is that we are now being presented with an opportunity to build positions in silver investments ahead of the next upleg that is likely to be substantial.

Silver Rises, JP Morgan Manipulates!

September 30, 2020

What’s Spoofing? Spoofing is defined as sending orders to a market, that one does not intend to be filled.

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