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Craig Hemke: Have the Banks Run out of Silver

Have the banks run out of silver? I’m joined by Craig Hemke of TF Metals to get his take.

COMEX Silver Offtake

The month of July looks to be another month of remarkably strong demand for silver delivery off of COMEX. Today let's look at the history to provide some perspective.

Explosive Road Map to 65$ Silver!

June 29, 2021

Once silver closes above 28 on a monthly basis, it's rocket ship time!

Silver Endgame Roadmap $580 by 2027 - Patrick "Badcharts" Karim Explains

June 27, 2021

Silver all time highs above $50 in 2021 with triple digits by 2023, and up to $580 by 2027.

Andy Schectman: “Frantic” silver buying last Thursday during price smash

Many silver investors have been confused by the price declines in the face of 5% inflation and continued heavy physical silver buying.

Trader Sentenced to Prison for Spoofing Silver and Gold

Some rather stunning news in the gold and silver world, as one of the traders who was found guilty of spoofing has actually been sentenced to prison.

Rick Rule & Sprott: The Largest Buyer of Silver On Earth

June 20, 2021

Since the start of the SilverSqueeze in late January 2021, the Sprott closed end fund PSLV has purchased over 58 million oz of silver, increasing from approximately 90 million oz (Jan 2021) to the recent total of over 148 million oz.

Jim Rogers : We Know How This Ends, Silver Is Better Than Gold Now

June 17, 2021

What is the smart money doing right now? They are using cheap Dollars and Euros to buy all of the hard assets they can. They are buying farmland, commodities, monetary metals such as gold and silver.

Dr. Doom Marc Faber, People Are Not Ready For Hard Times

June 16, 2021

Precious metals are not currently in favor as a speculative vehicle. Young people today don’t understand the difference between holding a silver or gold bar in your hands versus owning something electronically.

Alasdair Macloed: Will Basel III End Paper Gold & Silver Markets

All of the talk in the gold and silver markets continues to be around Basel III. Where there’s the possibility that the banks are forced to reign in their unallocated paper gold and silver contracts.

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