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Fed Policy Primes Silver & Gold for 2022 - Dave Kranzler

December 27, 2021

Dave Kranzler joins us to describe his outlook on Fed policy and how it preparing Gold & Silver for gains in 2022.

Money Metals Interview on Sound Money, U.S. Retail Demand

December 23, 2021

The U.S. Mint over the years has failed to build and maintain a surplus inventory of silver blanks and as such continuously violates its legal requirement to supply the market.  Meanwhile, mints like the Sunshine Mint have been unable to keep up with government-mint demand for silver blanks.

Doomberg - China Dominating Metals : Magnesium & in the future ... Silver

December 23, 2021

Magnesium is critical to the production of Aluminum. How does this affect manufacturing everywhere. How does this affect the future of the silver market?

Prepare Now for "Shock and Awe" Inflation – or Suffer the Consequences…

December 22, 2021

Try not to lose heart and falter in your gold and silver acquisition plans, or worse yet, sell out when you get a chance to take "a tidy profit." Try not to let fear cause you to freeze in the headlights or, just as bad, drive in the wrong direction.

2021 Finally Ends

December 22, 2021

The year 2021 was a challenging year for precious metal investors and a particularly disastrous year for those of us who make a living trying to forecast precious metal prices. So what went wrong and how can we do better in 2022?

Inflation Increasing On Path to All Time High - James Anderson

December 13, 2021

The trend is in motion, the Fed cannot raise interest rates to stop it. What is coming next for the US dollar, Silver and Gold.

Another Very Excellent COT Report

December 12, 2021

In silver, the Commercial net short position dropped by 8,861 COMEX contracts, or 44.3 million troy ounces. The Commercial net short position in silver now sits at 215.7 million troy ounces...down from the 260.0 million troy ounces that they were short in last week's COT Report.

Undersupplied Silver to Follow Base Metals into Deficit

Continued supply constraints on silver, when combined with robust industrial and investment demand, are likely to power silver higher heading into the new year and beyond.

Fed Bubble Popping & Crypto Conspiracy - David Morgan

December 06, 2021

Latest interview with David Morgan.


December 03, 2021

A relative handful of financial institutions, mostly banks, for the past 40 years have colluded with each other in selling short aggressively in sufficient enough quantities whenever silver prices rose to cap and contain all silver rallies.

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