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The Real Price of Silver: $2,000/oz?

November 05, 2021

While only one percent of physical silver is brought to market through Comex settlement. This — 1% of the trades applies throughout the entire commodity sector. The other, 99% of the time settlement is in currency (fiat fictions) ...

Massive Inflation, Silver Market Bubbling - Peter Krauth

November 05, 2021

Peter Krauth joins us to discuss the current state of the economy, the silver market and some of his top favorite silver stocks.

Jeff Clark Keynote: What the Next Silver Run Could Look Like

November 02, 2021

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst at, delivers a prescient speech about the silver price, and how its next bull run might unfold.

Economic Crisis Building - David Morgan & Andrew Pollard

November 02, 2021

Our economic crisis is building in many markets. Energy, supply chains, economic growth, Fed policy. What are the tipping points to watch for?

SilverFest II How to bust the COMEX

November 02, 2021

Andy Schectman, Dave Kranzler, Rob Kientz and Rafi Farber discuss how to bust the COMEX.

Silver & Gold 10x Bagger Potential Stocks - Jeff Clark

October 30, 2021

Jeff shares his top 3 Silver exploration stocks and 1 gold exploration stock. All are exploration stage, high risk and high potential rewards.

Silver Shorts Colluding With Government - Bix Weir

October 28, 2021

Bix Weir joins us to review the latest in the silver markets. He also walks us though the latest manipulation of the markets. It's all a big club and you are not in it.

Bill Holter - Avoid Banks $600 Tracking Limit, Get in Assets Outside the Banking System.

October 24, 2021

Bill Holter joins us to talk about the IRS proposal to track $600 transactions, the latest moves in the silver and gold market, plus much more.

Silver: Buy It and Break Them. The Miners Are Ready to Explode - Garrett Goggin

October 20, 2021

Physical demand is the way to push the system, and the mining stocks will explode with the price of silver, says Garrett Goggin. Garrett also walks us through how he looks at miners to find the best picks.

A Base Case for Silver

October 20, 2021

Many of the base/industrial metals have been surging of late, and copper appears to be next. What impact, if any, can we eventually expect this to have on the price of COMEX silver?

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