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Yet Another Blockbuster COT Report

And as far as the commercial net short position is concerned, one would have to go back to about May 2019 to see a commercial net short position as small as it is now. For the second week in a row, the Big 4 shorts in the Producer/Merchant category were very aggressive in covering their short positions...

Why Most Investors Will Miss Out on the Upside Silver Breakout... and Impulse Leg Moonshots: Part II

Seek to at all times remain more calm than the rest of the investing herd. Don't be the last buyer. It's not really yours until you ...

Silver Fuels The BRICS Currency Rocket

July 05, 2022

The precious metals expert speaks on the forthcoming unwinding of the derivatives market and forecasts a large-scale revaluation of gold and silver.

The Banks Are Manipulating Silver | Here Is How - Bix Weir

July 05, 2022

Bix Weir joins us today to explain what's happening with the silver derivatives market and how the big bullion banks have been manipulating it for years.

Silver Under $20 | Here's What You Need to Know - David Morgan

July 03, 2022

David Morgan joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver markets as the price has now dropped below $20 per oz. We also talk about the latest Inflation data, and more.

BRICS New Reserve Currency: U.S. Dollar in Danger? - Maneco64

June 30, 2022

We discuss BRICS nation's plan on working on a new global reserve currency and whether or not this causes a threat to the U.S Dollar. We go over how consumer sentiment continues to drop as inflation drives up prices.

All Fiat Currencies Will Go Down to Zero - James Anderson

June 29, 2022

Inflation, fiat currencies, banks, and the future of our money and its eventual road to zero. His thoughts on which sovereign mint coins have the most reasonable premiums...

Dave Kranzler: The Banks are Now ‘Net Long’ Silver

While silver investors have seen the silver price fall in the midst of soaring inflation reports and an ongoing proxy war in the Ukraine, there is some good news on the horizon.

The True Scale of Silver Manipulation Revealed. Feat. Bill Murphy

June 24, 2022

The two gold bugs walk us through two decades of GATA exposing gold and silver market manipulation and bring a few inside secrets of the precious metals cartel out in the open.

The New OCC Report

June 23, 2022

What this means, in essence, is for first time in two years, the precious metals (silver) derivatives position of Bank of America failed to increase – although it remained excessively large, having grown from zero to $29.44 billion (1.15 billion oz) in little more than 2 years.

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