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Silver Launches Toward Major Technical Breakout

December 18, 2020

In fact, silver appears to be launching toward a major technical breakout. The white metal gained two dollars through Thursday’s close to clear $26 per ounce. More importantly, it cleared through a zone of resistance to hit a 12-week high.

How to Own Silver?

December 17, 2020

Historically, the most common way to invest in silver is through the purchase of bars and coins..

Silver Roundtable: Bill Holter, Andy Schectman, Lobbo Tigre, Chris Marcus, & More

December 17, 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and to find out what some of today’s silver analysts are expecting for 2020, click to watch this roundtable with Bill Holter, Andy Schectman, Lobbo Tigre and more now!

Silver Is Still Following Bitcoin Higher

December 16, 2020

Previously, I have shown how Bitcoin is leading silver higher, and vice versa.

Dr. Silver and the Prescription to Combat Craziness

December 16, 2020

Dr. Silver says regular silver and gold purchases will diminish vulnerability to fiscal and monetary craziness. That craziness is increasing, so we need the insurance provided by silver and gold.

Silver Eagle Sales Blow Pass 30 Million & Prepare For Fireworks As Investment Demand Surpasses Industrial Demand

December 09, 2020

U.S. Silver Eagle sales this year are RED HOT pushing total silver investment demand to record highs.  According to the U.S. Mint’s most recent update, Silver Eagle sales in 2020 have surpassed 30 million and may continue to increase over the next few weeks in December.  Also, for the first time ever, total silver investment demand exceeded industrial demand by a wide margin.

What's Going on in the Current Market for Gold and Silver?

December 08, 2020

Gold and silver seem to be trapped in a prolonged consolidation after such strong gains in 2020 (video update)

Is Silver (finally!) Set to "Cross the Rubicon"?

December 08, 2020

The pressure building under silver is like the tremors that shook Mt. St. Helens before the pyroclastic explosion which tore out the side of the mountain and buried several states under white ash. Even today the surrounding landscape has not "returned to normal."

Man Bites Dog

December 07, 2020

At this point, it should hit you – the only reason for the new aggressive concentrated short selling by the 8 big gold (and silver) shorts on lower prices – is to depress prices.

The Big 8 Shorts et al. Dig Themselves in Deeper

December 06, 2020

I've always been of the opinion over the last number of years that the precious metals will be the only assets worth owning when this Everything Bubble meets its pin...either by design, or by circumstance.

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