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Lynette Zang - Own Silver & Gold, The Confidence Crisis Is Starting

August 13, 2021

The IMF is issuing record amounts of SDRs, $650 billion. This is 500% more than they issued in 2009. This new Ponzi, on top of other fiat Ponzis, doesn't end well. None of us own enough Silver & Gold.

This “Chartorial” Says You’re Not Wrong about Silver & Gold

August 11, 2021

Clearly millions of investors around the world see the need to own physical gold and silver right now. This data suggest they see an even greater need than last year. We can be frustrated at the poor price action so far this year..

Silver Crash? Buy the Dip? Lobo Tiggre Explains

August 11, 2021

Is this a Silver crash that will continue? Or is this a Buy The Dip moment? Is there manipulation? Deflation or Inflation?

Hedge Fund Insider On Silver - Thomas Thornton reveals what they are thinking

August 10, 2021

Silver, Gold and many other commodities. China strategy on solar, semi-conductors, steel and other manufacturing. The EPA as a barrier to the USA being competitive. Short trading and squeezes.

Silver Rorschach Test

August 10, 2021

On Friday, August 6, the price of silver fell over a dollar/oz. Why did it fall? We provide forensic analysis of the price move in silver, using our silver basis and cobasis indicators.

Rick Rule - The Fed is Terrified With Zero Options

August 09, 2021

Rick Rule joins us to explain the Debt Trap that the Fed is currently in. With no realistic options, there is only printing available. Can they Taper? Can they raise rates?

$100 Silver - Credit Crisis Building - Dave Kranzler & James Anderson

August 08, 2021

Dave Kranzler & James Anderson join us to discuss the building problems in the housing market, the mortgage lending market, the House to Silver ratio, the House to Gold ratio.

Do Credit Cards Affect Our Brains

August 08, 2021

Buying with plastic doesn’t just eliminate a barrier to buying. It actively encourages purchases. After repeated credit-card purchases over time, the brain learns to anticipate the rewards of credit-card shopping.

Are Silver & Real Estate Crashing? Economic Ninja and Jack Gamble explain

August 08, 2021

Economic Ninja and Jack Gamble explain what is going on in the housing market and how they see this playing out. If we have a housing decline, what is the impact on Silver & Gold?

The Craziest Bubble in History - Dave Collum

August 06, 2021

Dave Collum, Cornell Professor, says we are living in the craziest bubble in our history. The Fed has gone crazy..

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