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Housing Crash Around The Corner? When Will Gold & Silver Take Off? - Adam Taggart & Economic Ninja

September 25, 2022

Adam Taggart from Wealthion and the Economic Ninja join the show to discuss interest rates, the car repo crisis, precious metals, the Housing Market, Layoffs across the US, and more!

Silver From Comex Depleting! Where is The Silver Going? 🚨 - Ed Steer

September 23, 2022

Ed Steer joins us today to talk about the COMEX Silver withdrawals continuing as registered totals remain at the lowest levels since 2018. Furthermore, we discuss about Gold, Banks shorting the metals, silver squeeze, and more.

Physical Silver Market Remains Tight

September 23, 2022

The COMEX silver price remains under $20, as paper contracts are being sold, while the Federal Reserve continues to hike 75 basis points at a time.

Conspiracy at the US Mint? Silver Eagle Premiums Explained - Bix Weir

September 22, 2022

Bix Weir, YouTuber from "Road To Roota" joins us today to talk about why premiums on Silver are Still So High and what we can expect in the near future. We also discuss the latest in the silver markets, the Fed, and more.

De-Dollarization Happening Now, Gold & Silver BeingDrained! - Andy Schectman & Ninja

September 19, 2022

Andy Schectman & The Economic Ninja return to the show to discuss The One Belt Project and how it ties into the beginning of de-dollarization.

Buy Gold & Silver When Everyone Hates It - Rick Rule

September 15, 2022

We sit down with Rick Rule to discuss the Precious Metals market outlook. We also ask him to give his thoughts on the Central Banks around the world, Uranium, Private placements, and more.

Silver Fever, or Silver Fading?

September 14, 2022

The silver market scarcity has begun to resolve. We discuss what the data in the silver market is saying and why the market has become a Keynesian Beauty Contest.

Another Hugely Bullish COT Report...Especially in Silver

September 12, 2022

Like last week, words fail me in an attempt to describe the current bullish set up for's most white-hot bullish in COMEX history -- and even more so now. But, as has always been the high we go in price from here -- and how fast, depends entirely on what these big commercial shorts do...

Silver Sharks Circle the COMEX Whale

September 10, 2022

Andrew Maguire examines the unprecedented scale of the physical silver shortage that is draining COMEX inventories and causing havoc in the oversold, futures-driven silver market.

Is Demand for Silver & Gold Picking Up? This is HUGE - James Anderson

September 09, 2022

James Anderson joins us again to discuss the latest reports on the demand for Silver and Gold and whether or not people are buying the dip. We also discuss the next catalyst for Silver, premiums, and more.

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