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Michael Oliver, Fed Reset Coming, Silver to $200+

July 27, 2021

The Fed has gone too far and cannot recover. A reset is inevitable, It is going to come unwound.

Motivated Reasoning About Silver

Despite rumors of solar panel demand and central banks buying gold, did the bull case for gold and silver just get a bit weaker last week?

Silver: Buy The Dip Now ??? David Morgan & John Miniotis

July 26, 2021

David Morgan & John Miniotis explain where they see the market right now.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: David Morgan provides Exclusive Silver Insights -- Digital Chip Shortages..

Don't allow the silver bull market shake you off. Morgan makes a solid case for $30-$40 silver in 2021 - a 10% investment in the precious metal yields an inflation hedge.

The Morgan Report: What's Next for Silver. Putting things in Perspective

Silver is the only commodity that is not reaching its (historic) highs, and it has reached (those highs) on two separate occasions, back in 1980 and 2011. I think we’re going to see that high breached in the cycle, and when it does, it’s going to wake up the market.

Silver Will Reach $75+ This Cycle

July 25, 2021

John Lee, Chairman of Silver Elephant, joins us to explain what he is seeing in the market and why his target is $75.

Infographic: Paper Silver vs Physical Silver

July 23, 2021

In short, physical silver is a real tangible asset with intrinsic value, that has no counterparty risk and is difficult and costly to mine. Paper silver is not.

Silver set up for $25-26 close on options expiration next Tuesday, July 27

Silver options expiration is coming up next Tuesday July 27th, and as usual, the current market structure is offering some clues about where silver is likely to close that day.

Weekly Perspective: David Morgan chats with Jeff Clark

I thought we would do something a little different for this Weekly Perspective. I sat down with Jeff Clark of

The Everything Bubble is Popping - Bill Holter on Silver & Gold

July 20, 2021

The Fed is backed into a corner. Reverse Repos are showing a panic.

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