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“Ask the Pros” – Top 5 Reasons We Love Silver

September 17, 2020

As we enter this exciting bull market for precious metals, we are sharing with you, various viewpoints from industry pros on why we like silver. Interestingly enough, everyone has different reasons as it’s a very versatile metal, wanted for both its industrial applications and for its monetary thesis in turbulent times.

Warning: Misleading Silver Supply and Demand Data

September 14, 2020

In ancient Sumer, roughly 5,000 years ago, silver was a unit of account, a medium of exchange for large purchases, and a store of value. Silver has been used as money in countless civilizations ever since. Because silver is durable and valuable very little gets lost. More than 90% of all silver ever mined is still above ground.

Get The Big Prize for Silver

September 10, 2020

We have to keep our eyes on the bigger economic cycle. It helps in maintaining a proper perspective, and putting more emphasis on the bigger prize rather than the day to day movements.

Gold/Silver Ratio: Slowly I Toined…

September 10, 2020

A rising Gold/Silver ratio preceded the March disaster, made an ill-fated bounce pattern in May-June and then got hammered by the 24/7 liquidity spigots opened up by a desperate Federal Reserve and Trump admin. They are desperate because the inflation MUST take hold in order to keep the system from unwinding to its fundamentals..

JPMorgan's COMEX Silver Stash: Another New Record High

September 07, 2020

In the 'in' category, the largest amount received...1,485,900 troy ounces...ended up at JPMorgan -- and that's another new record high for them, as they now hold 171.10 million troy ounces in their COMEX depository, a hair under 49 percent of all the silver on the COMEX.  Next was Canada's Scotiabank, as they received 984,567 troy ounces -- and they were followed by the one truckload...605,567 troy ounces...that was dropped off at Brink's, Inc.

Silver as a Green Metal (video)

September 04, 2020

We cannot have a green world without Silver. It is the most efficient conductor of electricity on the planet. What are the demand drivers for silver in the green economy? Watch this video to learn more!

Silver Price Roundtable: David Morgan, Bix Weir, Chris Marcus

September 01, 2020

If you’re curious to hear what some of the silver experts in the market like David Morgan and Bix Weir think of the current silver setup, then you’ll want to hear this recent roundtable on the Beyond Mystic channel.

Silver Is the Better Investment: Massive Financial Bubbles Everywhere

August 31, 2020

The market will finally realize that silver is a better investment when the world’s financial bubbles start popping everywhere.  This will cause the silver price to reach levels that will make the past $50 record seem relatively insignificant.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.

COMEX Silver in September

August 26, 2020

As the "delivery month" of September nears for COMEX silver, let's take a look at where we stand and review again what it all means.

Silver as an Industrial Metal (video)

August 25, 2020

Total demand for silver is in excess of 1 Billion ounces per year. More than half the demand is for industrial purposes. What's next for silver as an industrial metal?

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