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Silver and Gold: Your Financial Main Battle Tanks

October 06, 2021

For the foreseeable future, as the financial system wends its way through uncharted waters, place the odds measurably in your favor by holding gold and silver – the historic talismans of asset protection.

Global Energy Shortages, Silver Setup To Rally - Dave Kranzler, David Morgan & Andrew Pollard

October 04, 2021

We are seeing massive energy shortages in China and Europe. Governments are creating new solar and EV mandates, requiring more Silver.

Silver Update: Potentially Bullish Setup

October 03, 2021

A lot depends on if we get a big attack or not on Monday.  GDX still seeing attacks, seems to be the preferred method.  COT reports were very bullish this week for both gold and silver.

Why Isn't Silver Launching Higher? Chris Marcus & Craig Hemke

October 03, 2021

Chris Marcus & Craig Hemke join us to discuss why the Silver market is not launching higher with all of the macro issues so favorable right now. Plus an update on Silverfest 2 from Chris Marcus.

Silver Investors Undaunted

Recent months’ bouts of heavy gold-futures selling that hammered silver lower aren’t sustainable.  Driven by Fed-tightening fears, speculators have largely exhausted their selling firepower.

Keith Neumeyer - Will Solar & EV Demand Make Silver Skyrocket?

October 01, 2021

The math is very simple, there is not enough silver being mined to meet demand. And the mines are depleting.

US Dollar on Plan, Attended by the Gold/Silver Ratio

October 01, 2021

Gold/Silver rising means market liquidity pressure. Silver/Gold rising means cyclical inflationary pressure rising. The process has been in play for months now and it may be culminating..

Silver Crash Makes Silver Trash

October 01, 2021

The price silver fell over 4% yesterday. Why? Was it “the cartel” shorting half the supply of silver with paper futures? Or did physical metal get dumped on the market? Today’s Supply and Demand report has the answer.

Silver Market Predictions - Ed Steer Talks about the Silver & Gold Price

September 29, 2021

How do the Big Four Commercial Traders have such a massive and asymmetrical influence on the silver market? Is the truth about fiat currencies being kept hidden?

5 Good Reasons to Be Bullish on Electrification Metals

Renewable power systems are at least five times more copper-intensive than conventional power. More and more silver is being demanded for use in PV cells, as countries move towards adopting renewable energy sources.

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