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Why You Should "Top Off" Your Silver and Gold Holdings before Labor Day

August 05, 2021

Metals and miners have a predictable seasonal tendency to decline in mid to late June and make a secondary – often slightly higher low – in the late July to mid-August period.

The Fed Is Lying ... Again. Happy Hawaiian & Nobody Special (Jack Gamble)

August 05, 2021

Jerome Powell's comments, Fed officials are lying about tapering, Plus all of the crazy economic circumstances we see in 2021.

Visualized: The Silver Mining Journey from Ore to More

August 04, 2021

This graphic from our sponsor Silver X walks us through how we mine and refine silver along with the growing demand for the metal which will fuel the economy of the future.

Raiding The Comex 5,000 oz Silver - Rafi Farber & Andy Schectman

August 04, 2021

They have purchased one contract and they are taking delivery of 5,000 oz from the Comex vaults.

Why Am I Soo Bullish Silver?

August 03, 2021

For the past 3 times OBV broke out above previous highs (sync’d at silver rally highs).. and stayed above that high, it was a matter of time for silver to explode. About 1 year. Q4 looks..

Liberty Unleashed On Silver & Gold

August 03, 2021

Dunagun Kaiser and Elijah Johnson are going all in on Silver, Gold & Sound Money.

Andy Schectman: How High Could The Silver Price Go

August 03, 2021

While it is becoming increasingly common knowledge that the price of silver has long been suppressed below it’s true fair value, what is less often discussed is just how far out of line it actually may be.

Is the Money Bubble About to Pop? Gold & Silver Are Real Money – James Turk

August 02, 2021

Countries will be forced back on to an asset back currency. Will it be a peaceful process or major disruption.

The Fed Is Trying To Avoid Collapse - Dave Kranzler

August 01, 2021

Dave Kranzler joins us to explain the Fed FOMC meeting and Fed Chairman Jerome Jay Powell's incomprehensible statements after that meeting.

Ed Steer - Silver & Gold Buying In Funds Is HUGE - $150 target

July 29, 2021

The Fed is trapped and is limited to all talk, no action. What comes next in the market?

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