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The COMEX Silver Vaults

November 06, 2022

In summary and stating again: the total LBMA and COMEX silver supply is not yet at a crisis stage. Metal can be mined, refined, and shipped in large enough quantities to forestall any immediate crisis. But...

Will We See $30 Silver Again? Comex Drop Explained - Chris Marcus

November 06, 2022

Chris Marcus from the YouTube channel Arcadia Economics returns to the show to discuss the Fed's fourth consecutive rate hike of its size to 75 basis points and what this could mean for the Precious Metals Markets. Furthermore, we talk about the Dollar index chart, Comex silver registered, and more.

Gold & Silver Explode Higher in New York

November 05, 2022

In silver...11.561 million troy ounces net came out of the COMEX, mostly JPMorgan -- and a net 0.517 million troy ounces was removed from SLV. The withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange for October showed 7.94 million troy ounces

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Schiff: Signs of a Silver market bottom

November 05, 2022

Importance of diesel Fuel storage. Price Controls. Signs of Silver market bottom. Gold +$50 ..., Specific Gold and Silver stocks...

The COMEX Illusion Hides Massive Silver Load Out

November 05, 2022

The London whistleblower takes a detailed look at the staggering scale of EFP outflows draining paper market liquidity, as global buyers demand the physical delivery of their bullion.

Debt Bubble About To Pop? Is Free Speech Back? - Dave Collum

November 04, 2022

Dave Collum joins the show to talk about how inflation is much worse than we expected and the consequence of this long-term. Later in the show, we have some fun and talk about Paul and Nancy Pelosi's attack in their San Francisco home, Elon Musk acquiring Twitter, and more.

Economic Crash: Will This Be Much Worse Than Before? - Dave Kranzler & Jorge Ganoza

November 01, 2022

Dave Kranzler and Jorge Ganoza, CEO of Fortuna Silver, return to the show to discuss the recent decline in every sector of the economy. Furthermore, we talk about a deeper session approaching, rate hikes, politicians, and more.

Moribund Silver May Soon Have Liftoff

Putting everything together, in my opinion, there is really only one conclusion: now is a great time to invest in silver.

The Coming Move to $50 Silver (and beyond)

October 27, 2022

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two past runs to $50 in silver and the coming run is the state on the ongoing COMEX price manipulation, orchestrated by large traders classified as commercials...

The Fed Can't Save The Economy From Imploding! Watch Gold & Silver - Rafi Farber

October 27, 2022

Rafi Farber returns on the show to talk about the response of the Fed to the UK economic crisis. We also discuss the circumstances of a fed pivot, Gold and Silver next catalyst, and more!

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