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Global Silver Demand Forecast to Reach a Record 1.112 Billion Ounces in 2022

February 09, 2022

Gains Will Be Broad-based, With Growth Expected From Most Key Demand Components

Pure Collusion

February 07, 2022

The first thing that you should be asking yourself is how the heck could 70 different commercial traders managed to buy (covering shorts and adding longs) on such an extreme selloff – such as, are they just lucky or is God on their side?

Silver Was The BEST Performer In 2020 - How Much Should You Own?

February 07, 2022

Silver stood as a top performer in 2020, up nearly 48%, its best year since 2010, when it rose over 80%. The white metal benefited not only from haven demand, fueled by unprecedented money-printing, but industrial demand as well.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

February 06, 2022

The Commercial net short position in silver now sits at 176.3 million troy ounces...and obviously down 62.1 million troy ounces from the 238.4 million troy ounces that they were short in last Friday's COT Report. So despite the shenanigans in the paper market in silver, there has been about 12 million ounces of silver deposited into various and sundry ETFs and mutual funds in the last two weeks.

Gerald Celente - We Are Living In A Freak Show, Keep On Truckin !!!

February 04, 2022

People are waking up to the craziness and realizing what is going on. Gerald is expecting markets to get hit hard this year in the process.

Silver and Gold Will Treat You Well When Viewed as Insurance First, Profit Second

February 01, 2022

The motto of holding gold and silver: First as insurance against a decline in your other assets, and only Secondarily for possible investment gains..

Michael Oliver - Momentum Targets For Silver & Gold

January 30, 2022

Michael Oliver joins us to provide his latest updates for the momentum (3 quarter average) targets on Silver & Gold markets. Plus, his latest comments on Bitcoin to Gold ratio and other topics.

Get Ready for Markets To Crash - Rafi Farber

January 29, 2022

Rafi Farber joins us to discuss what he believes is likely to happen as the Fed tightens monetary policy. He is expecting markets to have a big decline, along with precious metals. This may be the final dip for gold & silver.

COMEX Silver and the GDX

January 26, 2022

What in the world do these two things have in common? Not much other than the fact that they share the same chart. What's that about?

Silver Sitting On The Launchpad - Ed Steer

January 24, 2022

Silver is sitting on the launchpad, Bank of America is heavily short the metal. What can we look forward to in 2022?

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