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R.I.P. -- David H. Smith, Precious Metals Investing Philosopher

September 07, 2022

I am saddened to report today that my friend… our friend… David Smith lost his battle with cancer last weekend. David was a phenomenal yet humble man. He was a teacher, a student, and a philosopher. I have rarely a met a more optimistic, thoughtful, and wise person.

Will It REALLY Happen for Silver? 3 Things I Told the Silver Symposium Audience

September 07, 2022

So every investor who owns silver, every mining company looking for or producing the metal, every person wondering if they should continue buying bullion is asking wondering: Is it really going to happen for silver?

Have All The Major Silver Deposits Been Found? - Dr. Peter Megaw

September 07, 2022

Dr. Peter Megaw joins us today to discuss if significant discoveries are still to be made in the silver industry. Furthermore, we discuss the current state of the Gold and Silver Markets.

Silver Update: Scarcity Gets More Extreme

September 02, 2022

The silver market is showing signs of scarcity that haven’t occurred in years. Key indicators continue to stray further from normal market conditions, and we break down why.

Global Financial Crisis | Hold Onto Your Silver and Gold! - maneco64

September 01, 2022

Furthermore, we discuss the food shortage in Europe, US oil reserves hitting the lowest level since 1985, and what all this means for precious metals.

The Silver Phoenix Market

August 30, 2022

The silver market is showing signs of scarcity that haven’t occurred in years. We break down what this means for silver owners and the ways it could be resolved.

Large Commercial Traders Are Positioned for Higher Metals Prices

August 30, 2022

Physical silver bars continue to drain from COMEX and London warehouse stockpiles. Lower spot prices are contributing to this. Larger investors who hold deliverable bars aren’t throwing in the towel and dumping them back into the market. Instead, they continue to stack...

Congressman Criticizes U.S. Mint’s Management of Silver American Eagle Program, Demands Answers

Treasury Secretary in Apparent Violation of Requirement to Mint Silver Eagles in Quantities “Sufficient to Meet Public Demand”

Silver Under $20... Again! Here Are Our Thoughts - Peter Grandich

August 26, 2022

Peter Grandich joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver markets as the price has dropped below $20 per oz... Again! Furthermore, we talk about the Fed, some Mining companies to be on the lookout for, and more.

Silver & Gold Momentum Breakout Warning! - Michael Oliver

August 25, 2022

Michael Oliver returns to the show to discuss his latest momentum charts. Furthermore, we discuss the stock market, the fed, and the potential target price of $8,000 gold.

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