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Silver Warning 🚨: This Is About To Happen To Gold & Silver - Steve Penny

December 02, 2021

This Is About To Happen To Gold & Silver..

Rick Rule (Pt 2) - Silver Supply Decline Unstoppable

December 01, 2021

Rick Rule (Part 2) explains why Silver supply is declining and it is likely unavoidable due to lack of investment in new copper mines and other base metals. In addition, political issues in Peru and elsewhere are making new investment even more risky.

Rick Rule - Fear and Greed Enter The Silver & Uranium Markets

November 28, 2021

Rick Rule talks about how he is buying assets when they are hated the most. That is when the easy money is made. When fear and greed enter these markets, pay attention to the big picture.

Asian Metals Market Update: India Clears Conditions for Silver ETFs

A number of silver ETF will be launched in India before the end of March 2022.

1 Million Oz of Silver In The Vault - Bradford Cooke, Chairman of Endeavour Silver

November 24, 2021

Bradford Cooke is keeping over 1 million oz of Silver off of the market waiting for higher prices. Also Brad shares his opinions on the market, the crazy central banks and the long term outlook for the Silver mining industry, plus Aztec Minerals.

How Silver Can Conquer $50+ in 2022

November 23, 2021

Two realistic price movement scenarios can see silver finally ascend through the magnetic $50 level in 2022. A case can be made that either – or perhaps both – have a strong likelihood of taking place.

Michael Oliver - Gold Momentum Breakout, Silver Following?

November 21, 2021

Gold has reach Michael Oliver's target of $1,835 for a quarterly momentum breakout. Is Silver on the verge of following?

Silver Demand to Exceed a Billion Ounces for the First Time since 2015

A higher silver price is great news not only for investors but for junior silver explorers which historically offer the greatest leverage to a rising commodity price. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Has Gotten More Expensive—Unless It’s Priced in Silver and Gold

November 19, 2021

What’s interesting to consider is the cost of Thanksgiving 10 or 20 years from now. If history is any guide, it’ll be a mountain of gravy more expensive—unless it’s priced in gold and silver.

$100 Silver "A Piece Of Cake" - Possibly $500 Silver | Gary Savage

November 18, 2021

"$100 silver's going to be a piece of cake," says trading expert Gary Savage. He expects silver to turn into a bubble which could end with silver as high as $500. However, he sees silver could fall...

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