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Fed Geniuses Have No Clue - Todd "Bubba" Horwitz

September 13, 2021

The Fed has ruined price discovery in many of our markets. Taking physical delivery of silver & gold is the way to protect yourself. The paper market is overleveraged.

The Short Position in SLV Jumps Almost 20 Percent

September 12, 2021

The short position in silver jumped from 32.18 million shares/troy ounces, up to 38.13 million shares/troy ounces...and increase of 18.49 percent. The short position in GLD also rose, from 1.027 million troy ounces, up to 1.204 million troy increase of 17.24 percent.

The Silver Squeeze is Brilliant & Working - David Tice

September 11, 2021

David sees the Silver Squeeze as a long term effort that will succeed in this environment. Just keep stacking physical, taking it off the market. David also discusses his favorite mining stocks and other issues. 

If Silver Could Talk: What She Told Me When I Wrote to Her

September 10, 2021

The clock is ticking. Don't set yourself up for regret when my price leaves the $20 range in the dust. Make sure you own enough of me to weather the coming storm as well as book massive profits. Sooner or later, it’s coming.

The Story of Silver’s Future as Money Is Yet Untold

September 10, 2021

The story of silver’s history as money has been largely forgotten .... Silver, in fact, has been more widely circulated as coinage throughout history than gold.

Gold Leads the Way for Silver

September 09, 2021

Since the 1970s, in all the big price moves studied, we find that although silver goes farther, gold leads the way by moving first.

Bitcoin Crashing In Currency Wars, affecting Silver & Gold

September 09, 2021

Bitcoin became an official currency in El Salvador and immediately got smacked down. How does this play into the Dollar, Gold, Silver and is this now a currency war?

Silver Seen Tracking Copper Prices Higher

No peak silver here, right? Demand of 896.1Moz is more than satisfied by supply of 966.5Moz. But when we strip recycling out of the equation, 182.1Moz, we get an entirely different result.

Silver Up over 3% On Huge Jobs Miss - David Morgan & Benoit La Salle

September 07, 2021

Now that everyone knows the Fed can't taper and can't raise rates, Silver & Gold are primed to rally.

Energy Metals Build Momentum; Silver & Platinum May Follow

September 04, 2021

That means savers, investors, and retirees have no choice but to get out of Federal Reserve Notes if they want to retain purchasing power. Fortunately, it’s easy to convert fiat currency into the hard money of gold and silver bullion.

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