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Silver Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #8 – Mandated Suspensions of Mining Operations Taper Off and Some Early Q1 Production Numbers

April 12, 2020

It’s looking the suspension of mining activities have tapered off for the time being, though the mining industry has already been severely impacted. Approximately 500 mining companies have announced the suspension of at least one mining operation. There could be a shift toward countries declaring mining an essential business. This recently happened in Argentina and could very well be the case in other countries which rely heavily on mining for tax revenue. There are some places (countries,…

COT Silver Report - April 10, 2020

COT Silver Report - April 10, 2020

Strange Things Are Happening

April 09, 2020

There truly are strange things occurring in gold and silver, things I not only have never observed previously, but also nearly impossible to explain in rational terms. The two main things most strange are the extremely wide discounts of spot gold and silver to the most active COMEX futures months and the sudden large inflow of physical gold deposited in the COMEX gold warehouses. There is little question in my mind that the two strange occurrences are very much related, although it has taken me…

COT Silver Report - April 3, 2020

COT Silver Report - April 3, 2020

Silver Shock Update: A New and Major Threat to Supply

As you might know, a plethora of mining companies around the world have announced they suspended part or all of their operations. It’s probably worse than we know, as I suspect other miners have curtailed activities even if they haven’t announced it.

Silver Market Update: rapidly improving COT structure and the mega-bullish silver to gold ratio

March 29, 2020

Whichever way you cut it, silver’s chart looks bearish for the short to medium-term, but against this we must set its rapidly improving COT structure and the mega-bullish silver to gold ratio (by all past standards).

COT Silver Report - March 27, 2020

COT Silver Report - March 27, 2020.

Silver Miners’ Q4’19 Fundamentals

March 27, 2020

The carnage in the silver miners’ stocks has been apocalyptic, fueled by the astounding COVID-19 stock panic. As terrified traders frantically dumped everything and ran for the hills, silver and its miners’ stocks crashed. That catastrophic anomaly has potentially created epic contrarian buying opportunities. The silver miners’ recently-reported Q4’19 results reveal whether their fundamentals support a massive rebound.

Unprecedented Demand For Silver Bullion Will Push Prices Higher

March 24, 2020

The precious metals market continues to experience unprecedented demand for silver bullion products. Even with the Fed increasing its liquidity injections by providing “Open-ended” QE to infinity, the Dow Jones Index today is still selling off considerably…. down 900+ points. There is no way the Fed and central banks can backstop the markets with liquidity and asset purchases if the physical economy is shutting down.

Gold & Silver Crashes in History: Severity, Duration, and Recoveries

Given what’s happening in the markets, it’s time to look at the history of crashes in gold and silver. And just as important, to see what message we can glean about their recoveries. Despite the scary market activity, what’s happening to gold and silver, believe it or not, is not new. There have been many periods in history where they have crashed. The reasons vary, as does the severity and duration. However, the thing to be aware of, as I’ll show, is that they recovered. Always. The only…

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