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The Comex Silver Scam: Craig Hemke

July 12, 2021

The July contract is in delivery right now, games continue with the manipulation since the last FOMC meeting.

A Somewhat Ugly COT Report

In silver, the Commercial net short position increased by a chunky 5,989 COMEX contracts, or 29.9 million troy ounces. The Commercial net short position in silver now stands at 315.5 million troy ounces, up from the 285.5 million troy ounces they were short in last week's COT Report.

Silver – Now Don’t Go Ape!

Across the country, precious metals dealers are scrambling to fill orders amid massive silver shortages... And as the severity of this deepens, silver investors stand to profit considerably from the coming silver shortage.

Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! Is this a repeat of 2008, Silver & Gold?

July 11, 2021

Wells Fargo is cancelling personal lines of credit. Is the Credit Bubble popping? How will this affect Silver & Gold? Will this create inflation or deflation? David Morgan & The Economic Ninja join us to explain what is happening.

Why Copper Will Help Define Silver Supply through at Least 2030

70% of silver supply comes as a "by-product" of base metals, e.g., lead, zinc, copper, and (some) gold. With the race to find, develop and market new copper projects, one might assume..

Invest in Energy Metals to Profit from Coming Electrification Revolution

The secret to wealth is to spot and invest in a secular trend and sit tight. I sense we are at the infancy stage of an electrification revolution that will last at least 10 years. Take advantage of this insight and consider a starting position in silver, vanadium, and nickel if you haven’t done so.

Keith Neumeyer - Why is Silver under $30?

July 07, 2021

Keith Neumeyer joins us to discuss why silver is still under $30 and what he sees in the market right now.

Hyperinflation vs Inflation - The Big Banks Are Worried - Buy Silver

July 05, 2021

The Big Banks are now talking about Hyperinflation now regularly in their updates with clients. This appears to be happening in spite of the effort by Fed and Treasury officials to be downplaying the inflation numbers.

Will Silver Rigging Ever End: Dave Kranzler, Rob Kientz, Chris Marchese

So if you're wondering whether the silver manipulation is ever going to end, three of the top silver experts in the world, Dave Kranzler, Rob Kientz, and Chris Marchese join me on the show to explain what they are seeing, thinking, and perhaps most importantly doing with their own money right now.


July 02, 2021

Should the big shorts refrain from adding shorts and stop their outright cheating, as I expect, then we are talking about a whole new price world for silver. Freed from the shackles of price suppression by the 4 big COMEX shorts this whole new price world should feature gains almost beyond belief.

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