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We Are Already in a Recession. Hard Times Are Upon Us! - Marc Faber

June 07, 2022

Marc Faber joins us today to discuss the similarity between the present global crisis and The Great Depression. We also talk about inflation, how the Fed will go back to Easy Money, and the outlook for precious metals in 2023.

Ruble Commoditization to Impact the Silver Market

June 06, 2022

The London commodities trader explains how a recent black swan event rattled the multibillion-dollar silver derivatives market, exposing the naked shorts to growing physical demand.

This Comprehensive Research on the Gold/Silver Ratio Gives Us a Big Fat Hint About What’s Ahead

June 03, 2022

Silver’s biggest performance was 1979 to 1980, during its blowoff move to the all-time high of $50, where the ratio fell from 40 to 17 in one year. Here are the sharp drops from 1997 to present...

Rick Rule Strategy Now: Oil, Uranium & Silver

May 26, 2022

Rick Rule joins us to discuss the current markets and his top commodities he is watching now.

Wall Street Silver Meme Review Video

May 24, 2022

A summary of the best memes and videos on Wall Street Silver this week.

Financial Crisis Is Inevitable - Silver & Gold Time Is Now - James Turk

May 23, 2022

James Turk joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver & Gold markets, the financial crisis that is building in the system, the central banks have no viable solutions to resolve this and more.

Nasdaq Secretly Sends A Buy For Silver Now That The NASDAQ Is In A Bear Market

A crash coming AFTER a -20% decline is WORST CASE SCENARIO and will stress test these markets far beyond their breaking point.

Rafi Farber: Speculators Have Completely Fled Silver

Bearish action in the Nasdaq is approaching all-time records even worse than the 1970s, and stagflation today is nothing like the stagflation of 50 years ago that brought silver to $50.

Revisiting An Old Premise

May 19, 2022

Quite literally, I have been astounded by the lack of big 4 and big 8 short-covering to this point. The recent sharp drop in silver prices over the past few weeks featured extraordinarily large commercial buying and managed money selling – as would be expected. However..

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