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End of Fiat: It is Evident in the Silver, Gold and Crypto Charts

August 25, 2020

We are at the end of the fiat debt-based monetary system. It is becoming clear that the system is in collapse due to the enormous debt load. The thing (debt) that it needs to try and survive another while, is the very thing (debt) that is busy collapsing the system. It is virtually spiraling towards death, come what may.

A Silver Mystery in Full View

August 24, 2020

For those who have come to be convinced of the silver price manipulation, as well as those who remain unconvinced, I ask you to put aside all thoughts about derivatives trading, concentrated short positions and epic double crosses and think about something completely different. Please accept this as an open invitation in which no prior experience in matters related to sophisticated financial transactions is required and in which all that is needed is common sense and logical thinking.

What The 1987 Crash Reveals About Silver Today

August 21, 2020

The roles are now reversed. It is now silver that is in a similar space to where the Dow was in 1987. The Dow went from around 2700 at the peak in 1987 (point 1) to a top of more than 29000 in 2020. Silver will do even better.

The Silver and Gold Dam Breaketh

August 19, 2020

Ask precious metals' holders and chart technicians what in the last 6-8 weeks stands out in their mind and they will point to the breakout of gold and silver above areas which had contained them for almost a decade. Gold rocketed without pause to $2,070. Silver, though still well below record nominal dollar highs, sliced through $26, which was supposed to be a lid on prices until next year.

After Months Of Supply Issues, U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump In August

August 18, 2020

After months of the U.S. Mint dealing with supply issues, shutdowns, and new employee policies dealing with the global contagion, sales of Silver Eagles finally jumped in August.  Due to the U.S. Mint implementing new employee safety guidelines at the mint, they are only producing either Gold or Silver Eagles for a given period.  They are not minting both bullion coins simultaneously.

Here’s Every Gold & Silver Correction in Their Two Biggest Runs, vs. Today

The silver price corrected 12 times before it reached its all-time high of $50. Three of those declines were double-digits. This much selling while the price was on its way to a 480% gain. The message from gold and silver’s biggest one-year gain in modern history is this: corrections always occur, and sometimes they can be big. And in this bull market they were indeed buying opportunities.

The Selloff

August 13, 2020

Because the thought that a selloff was no big surprise, it had to take on a bad and ugly side, while at the same time a very good side also resulted. Let me deal with the bad and ugly first, before turning to why the selloff will prove better for silver investors in the long run. 

$2,100 Gold and $30 Silver. Now What?

August 13, 2020

On August 7, gold in U.S. dollars, notched its all-time nominal high of $2,089 (It's been printing new highs in many other currencies for quite awhile now.) Silver peaked (so far) at $29.92. After a few days of attempting to scale $30, it gave up the ghost and dropped a stunning $4.90 intraday, closing down $3.20.

Silver May Be Overextended – But It’s STILL Cheap

August 10, 2020

Silver prices aren’t just rising; they’re erupting! Silver has been ascending at a far steeper rate than the climactic move of 2010-2011 which briefly brought prices back up to all-time nominal highs.

Will You Make Money in the New Silver Bull Market?

August 10, 2020

Tonight I’m going to start with a few long term charts for silver. It’s these long term charts we need to understand first so we know where silver has been trading and where it is likely to go based on the Chartology which has been guiding us pretty well so far since what will now be called the March 2020 low in the years ahead.

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