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Silver Eyes Key Breakout Levels as Inflation Heats Up

July 17, 2020

Gold and silver markets advanced early this week, with silver leading the way.  On Thursday, the metals sold off a bit as the U.S. dollar gained. The major trend for the dollar, however, is down. The Dollar Index has been grinding lower since mid March, when it put in a spike high.  Silver finally broke through $19 level with a strong close above it on Monday.  There hasn’t yet been much follow-through. Although silver has continued to close above $19, we’re not seeing a big momentum push…

Silver Demand Exploding!

Silver investment demand is exploding in recent months, skyrocketing higher in wildly-unprecedented fashion!  That has catapulted silver sharply higher since mid-March’s COVID-19-lockdown stock panic.  Accelerating even in this usually-weak summer season, the massive capital inflows deluging into silver show no signs of abating.  This is very bullish for silver, yet most traders remain unaware it is happening.

Is Silver on the Brink of a Major Move?

July 17, 2020

Silver (or ‘Argentum’ in Latin) has been a prized metal since antiquity. Though too brittle to forge swords or armor, its luster and rarity made it a prized medium of exchange. Powerful empires from Ancient Rome to Imperial Spain couldn’t mine enough of it. Silver coins became the unit of account in many important currencies: the Greek Drachma; the Roman Denarius, the Islamic Dirham and the Spanish dólar.

Ted Butler: The Silver Pressure Cooker; hefty deposit into SLV

There was a small withdrawal from GLD yesterday, as an authorized participant removed 11,591 troy ounces. But there was another pretty hefty deposit into SLV yesterday, as an a.p. added 4,843,904 troy ounces. The new short reports came out for SLV and GLD yesterday. The short position in SLV rose from 16.61 million shares/troy ounces, up to 17.47 million shares/troy increase of only 5.17 percent, which is basically nothing at all. The short position GLD fell from 1,090,000…

The Silver Pressure Cooker

July 10, 2020

The silver market appears ready to blow its top, much like a pressure cooker whose relief valve stopped functioning even as the heat and pressure continued to build. The gold market is also likely to overheat, but at least in gold, its relief valve - the price of gold - appears to be functioning somewhat and has bled off much of the pressure. After all, the price of gold is up substantially on a year-to-date basis and is not that far from all-time highs. While gold looks poised for further…

Rick Rule: Silver to Move Further and Faster Than Gold

A lot of silver investors are watching the gold price and wondering, “when is silver going to move?” Well, it turns out that’s nothing new, as Rick Rule of SprottGlobal explains how that’s been the case for the previous 8 rallies he’s lived through. Although while US silver investors aren’t always the most patient lot, Rick also mentioned how when it’s silver’s time, silver moves further and faster than gold. Which is certainly good news given the current conditions, and to find out more,…

Silver Offers A Golden Opportunity To Preserve Soon To Be Destroyed Value

July 04, 2020

The fundamentals for silver and gold are very strong, and with all the massive bailouts and stimulus, which have increased debt levels, they are just getting stronger. Until a significant portion of these debts is repaid or defaulted on, it would be foolish to talk about a top in precious metals.

Extreme COMEX Delivery Demand Continue

So, anyway, let's just conclude with this. Please do not rush out of here thinking that the COMEX will soon collapse. The weight of all this delivery demand may eventually lead to a force majeure-style failure, but that's very likely not coming this month or next. The CME, the LBMA, and The Banks will work to protect their pricing scheme until the very last moment, so it would be foolish to think they're going to meet a quick end. However, their fate was sealed in late March, and like a…

$10 Silver Certificate Would Buy $333 Worth Of Silver Today

June 27, 2020

A $10 bill today doesn’t buy as much as it used to.  Yes, indeed… the $10 Federal Reserve Note today would only buy a little more than a half-ounce of silver.  However, back in 1934, a $10 Silver Certificate would purchase 18.5 ounces of silver.  Try doing that today.

The Final Chapter

June 25, 2020

All things, both good and evil, come to an end. So it will be with the great silver price manipulation, which I date as having existed, in its COMEX-orchestrated version from 1983. Before that, of course, silver prices were never truly free, mostly as a result of some type of government interference. The US Government both supported and then depressed the price of silver for a hundred years prior to 1983, first by amassing more than 5 billion ounces and then by disposing of same.

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