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Nick Barisheff - Perfect Recipe For A Gold & Silver Raging Bull Market

November 17, 2021

Nick Barisheff says stagflation is the perfect recipe for a raging bull market in Gold & Silver. The supply chain disruptions are becoming critical in certain commodities and parts. Many of these issues are not short term.

Adrian Day: The Fed's Policies Are Criminal

November 15, 2021

Adrian Day explains how the Fed's policies are destroying a generation. We also dive into the Fed taper and how that historically affects gold and silver prices.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: David Morgan -- Fed's monetary profligacy leading to higher metal prices

November 13, 2021

99% of the public is blissfully unaware of the risks associated with fiat currencies. Investors are urged to prepare for continued depreciation of major currencies...

India & Turkey Silver Imports Surging - Andrew Maguire

November 13, 2021

Andrew Maguire says wholesale imports of Silver in India and Turkey surging as they re-entered the markets in September and October.

Silver Supply Deficit Inevitable

November 12, 2021

This week, Andrew Maguire sits down with hedge fund manager and mining stock specialist, Dave Kranzler, for a deep dive into the precious metals markets.

By 2024, Gold Price Will Double, Silver Will More than Triple, Here’s Why

November 10, 2021

Gold and silver are both headed much higher, if prices continue to follow a 7-year arc pattern.

India, US and Major Bank Join Physical Silver Race

November 08, 2021

India, the US and a major bank are all stockpiling physical silver at levels not seen since March 2020, in the lead up to silver’s memorable rally. 

David Morgan - The Real Price of Silver : $2,000/oz ???

November 08, 2021

If we were still on a gold and silver money standard, the value of silver would be approaching $2,000 per oz now.

Decent Rallies in Silver & Gold to End the Week

November 07, 2021

Total gold open interest at the close Friday exploded by 32,751 COMEX contracts, a very depressing number -- and I'm hoping/praying that it's spread related. Total silver o.i. only rose by only 1,862 contracts...a number I was happy to see.

Jim Rogers - Hard Times Are Coming, Own Hard Assets

November 07, 2021

Own Hard Assets such as gold, silver, and other commodities.

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