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"Battle Stations" For 'Da Boyz' in New York on Friday

I'll point out here that Goldman Sachs, up until late last year, had no derivatives in the COMEX futures market in any of the four precious metals. But they did show up in the last two OCC Reports. Now they have a $4.8 billion position, mostly in silver.

Get Ready... Resource Wars Ahead

Today, as the world’s population approaches 7.7 billion, the natural resources required to sustain human life and culture—fresh water, food supplies and energy sources—are being stretched to the limit.

Silver Institute Data Challenged By Keith Neumeyer - Bradford Cooke

April 09, 2022

The Silver Institute President joins us to discuss the dispute between First Majestic CEO Keith Neumeyer and the Silver Institute. Plus we get Brad's take on the silver market, Russia/Ukraine, commodities and more ...

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Egon von Greyerz: This is the End of an Era, Silver is key to financial survival

April 03, 2022

Our guest is also concerned by the prospect of worsening conflict between the global superpowers, noting that seldom is warfare a central theme throughout history. The key to financial survival involves understanding volatility / risk...

Banks Could Seize Your Money During Reset Warns David Morgan, Own Silver & Gold Outside of System

April 01, 2022

The coming monetary reset is the time to prepare yourself with assets outside of the fiat currency system.

Another Stunning OCC Report

March 28, 2022

One, it indicates another sharp increase in the precious metals’ derivatives holdings of Bank of America. In addition, the total amount of precious metals derivatives held by all US banks reached record levels, despite prices not being at record levels.

Real Estate, Food, and Energy Concerns

The U.S. economy has been growing on borrowed money for far too long now and is now “skating on thin ice,” with higher housing, energy, and food costs. This is a recipe for a major downturn.

A Paradigm Shift in Global Finance, Gold, Silver, Uranium, and Grains Is Now Underway

March 22, 2022

The biggest financial paradigm shift in our lives is underway, and there's no turning back. No one knows exactly what it's going to look like going forward nor how we'll be able to get there.

4th Time in 100 Years Silver Has Gotten This Signal - Patrick Karim

March 20, 2022

Patrick Karim discusses the latest in the silver charts plus more. He shows us and explains how Silver is performing now compared to the past 100 years.

Fed Announces Minimum Rate Hike, Spooked by War Impact

March 19, 2022

Dysfunctional U.S. Mint Runs Out of Silver Blanks Again, Halting Sales of Some Items.

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