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WILD Silver Market Swings: Fast Breaking News, What to Expect Next...

February 04, 2021

As mining executive Bryan Slusarchuk put it, “I hope that the ultimate outcome here is that a new generation of investors and speculators realize that silver is money. Silver was money thousands of years ago. Silver remains money today. And silver will be money in a thousand years from now.”

Groundhog Day for Silver Investors

February 03, 2021

Late last week, a movement to "squeeze the shorts" in silver began, and the impact on physical price was remarkable. However, since the futures market price is still controlled by the market-making Bullion Banks, the concern has been that if the Reddit crowd grew quickly distracted and moved on, the COMEX price was going to fall right back. Now here we are, and it's gut check time.

No Good Reason to Be Short

February 01, 2021

The current short position in COMEX silver is mostly held by 8 major financial firms. We can only guess who they are because their identities are protected. According to the COT reports, the biggest 4 are short nearly 60 thousand contracts and the next 4 are short nearly 20 thousand contracts.

#SilverSqueeze Underway

As long as people focus on accumulating physical metal, there may not be much the bullion banks can do about it other than squeal.

a #SilverSqueeze Manifesto

February 01, 2021

Whoever controls the money controls the people. This is a movement to help level the playing field between everyday people and the billionaires who control the big financial institutions that control the money, and thus control us. It’s a movement to wake people up to what’s been happening, and to help us, together, start to reclaim the power we’ve unwittingly allowed others to have over our lives.

#SilverSqueeze: The Greatest Short Squeeze in History?

January 31, 2021

Dramatic silver shortages worldwide on the horizon. What has happened over the last few days, and especially over the weekend, is unprecedented in history. Investors worldwide are buying virtually all the available silver they can get.

Why #SilverSqueeze?

January 30, 2021

Because we lost confidence. Because we want fair inflation measures. Silver adjusted for inflation, is $1000 it’s now $25. that’s a 40x unleveraged it’s the biggest short squeeze of the century based on strong fundamentals it’s about justice.

Can the Silver Bugs Alter the Macro?

January 30, 2021

But for two days at least dem bugz is successfully battlin’ dem boyz on da COMEX. The result is that the Silver/Gold ratio (weekly futures chart) has been rammed to a new high for the post-crash move. If we back completely away from the #silversqueeze punchbowl, this is an indicator guiding the way for forward inflation.

What Will Reddit Do With Silver?

January 29, 2021

Anyways, the Reddit community has started talking about silver. The question on everyone’s mind: can they drive the silver price up 10X (as they drove the GME price)? There’s little question they drove it up on Thursday. The price moved up about $1.75 in about an hour.

Silver Volume Hits All-Time High as Investor Rebellion Grows

January 29, 2021

Viral Effect on Money Flows Could Blow Up Physical Silver Market.

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