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Bank of Nova Scotia & HSBC Win Dismissal of U.S. Silver Price-Fixing Litigation

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: Opportunities in "junk-silver", Gold and silver - the ideal financial insurance

Global economic psychosis? Is the banking system bankrupt? Great-depression era, 2.0. Opportunities in "junk-silver." History suggests gold and silver investors will be rewarded with the "greatest transfer of wealth in history."

Gold Comes a Bit Undone, but Silver’s Selling is Overdone!

May 14, 2023

A mere four weeks ago we penned our 700th missive entitled “Gold: The Next All-Time High is Nigh”.  And as you nauseatingly know from just prior to this past week, Gold came within four wee points of so doing in reaching 2085 on 04 May, (the All-Time High of course still 2089 from 07 August 2020). Since however, our “Nigh” has gone somewhat awry, Gold having just recorded a wimpy week of net -9 points in settling  yesterday (Friday ) at 2016.  Regardless,…

World's Top Silver Producing Country Passes Harsh Anti-Mining Rules

May 01, 2023

Duration of concessions reduced from 50 to 30 years. Mining Companies required to pay 5% of profits to Local Communities. Water-use concessions more difficult to obtain & maintain.

Short Position in SLV Craters by 61 Percent

The new short report was posted on The Wall Street Journal's website early yesterday evening, for positions held as of the close of business on Friday, April 14. It showed a shocking decline in the short position in SLV...from 41.49 million shares, down to only 16.27 million shares...a drop of an eye-watering 60.79 percent! The short position in GLD also fell...from 1.128 million troy ounces/down to 1.073 troy ounces...4.93%.

Silver Prices Set To Bust Records Soon, But Not How You Think (Forbes)

April 25, 2023

Silver is headed to record levels within the next 36 months, according to a veteran commodities analyst. But when it happens don’t expect shocking newspaper headlines.

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