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Silver Headlines

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - John Rubino: Gold to $10,000, Silver to $300

Rubino states gold could soar to $5,000-$10,000 an ounce and silver to $200-$300, as the current bull market is just beginning against a flawed global financial system.

Silver Bulls Need to Come Back Quickly

June 04, 2024

As long as these high premiums persist in China, the upward trend in silver is likely to continue.

Silver Technical Scoop: Precious Benefit, Market Divergences

Silver peaked at $32.75, fell to $30.24, rose to $32.51, and dropped again to $30.44. Testing under $30, the breakout point, is possible. Strong support is evident down to $28.

Louisiana Reaffirms Gold and Silver As Legal Tender

Louisiana’s sound money bill simply affirms that “any gold or silver coin, specie, or bullion” issued by the United States government is considered legal tender whenever voluntarily agreed upon by both parties to a contract.

Supreme Court Ruling: State Sponsored Banks Can Disband from the Federal Reserve System and Issue Their Own Currency

June 03, 2024

The Supreme Court upheld the state's right to maintain its own charter and allow state banks to issue gold-backed currency, bypassing the Federal Reserve's corporate system.

Silver Wars: Silver Demand Skyrocketing...Literally

May 31, 2024

Over the past six months, Silver demand has shown a clear trend: aerospace and military sectors are the top consumers, with solar energy trailing in a distant third place.

India Silver Imports Have Already Topped 2023 Total

Silver is already up 28% in rupee terms this year. That compares to a 14% increase in gold prices.

Silver to Explode in the Weeks Ahead

Silver suggests that wave ii did indeed end at 18.01, and we are working on a powerful wave iii rally that is full of nested bullish waves, as shown on our Daily Silver Chart.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Craig Hemke: Silver Catches Up, Potential Outperformance

Hemke noted that after a decade-long wait, silver has caught up with gold's 10-13% rally above $2100. Despite rising rates, gold is at record highs, and silver may now outperform.

Silver Is Hot & The Miners Are Next

The price action in silver is currently far stronger than gold. The pullback to the $30 area features a potential inverse H&S bull consolidation pattern, which is bullish.

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