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Silver Headlines

Technical Scoop: Potential Stagflation, Commodity Friend, Gold Corrects

It’s no surprise that $30 is resistance as that was the high back in February 2021 ($30.35). Our expectations of $39/$40 targets remain, once we get past the February 2024 high. The breakout over $26/$26.50 suggests that target.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bill Murphy: Silver's Breaking Free at $30

April 26, 2024

Murphy discusses a bullish future for silver, emphasizing its potential to surge past $30 once it breaks free from market manipulation, echoing gold's trajectory.

Silvercorp to Acquire Adventus, Creating a Geographically Diversified Mining Company by Adding the Advanced El Domo Project

April 26, 2024

CEO Feng: ""This transaction will create a new globally diversified green metals producer. It presents the opportunity for us to leverage our technical expertise and strong balance sheet to unlock value for all shareholders by constructing the El Domo project."

Why a Powerful Silver Bull Market May Be Ahead

Investors will be forced to reckon with the fact that there is just a fraction of the physical silver in existence that they believed, which will lead to a scramble for physical silver while paper silver products sink in value.

Is There Really a Shortage in Silver?

April 23, 2024

Silver prices have finally begun playing some catchup to gold. Perhaps speculators in the futures market have finally begun paying attention to fundamentals like supply and demand.

Silvercorp Reports Operational Results and Financial Results for Fiscal 2024, and Issues Fiscal 2025 Production, Cash Costs, and Capital Expenditure Guidance

April 23, 2024

Q4 Fiscal 2024 Operational Results show Gold production of 1,916 ounces, up 92% over the same quarter last year ("Q4 Fiscal 2023"); Silver equivalent (only silver and gold) production of approximately 1.3 million ounces, up 11% over Q4 Fiscal 2023

Technical Scoop: Silver Enjoyed Another Solid Week Up

Silver enjoyed another solid week up, gaining 2.8%. Silver is now up 19.7% in 2024. Silver is the poor man’s gold and, with gold soaring to over $2,400, many are instead shifting to silver.

Outcrop Silver Announces Breakthrough Gravimetric Concentration Results for Santa Ana

CEO Harris: "This positions the Santa Ana project as one of the world's highest-grade primary silver endeavors, promising exceptional recoveries and highly marketable concentrates."

Last Friday's Silver Selloff May Be Great News for Silver Bulls!

April 17, 2024

Despite the big selloff Friday, the spot price of silver had its first weekly close above $28 since 2013. It's possible the shorts and price manipulators are out of runway.

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