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Silver ETF assets surge to all-time high as retail investors pile in (FT)

May 10, 2021

Silver prices surged to an eight-year high in January, after retail investors piled into exchange traded funds holding the precious metal.

Nature's First Green is Silver (Sprott)

May 06, 2021

Silver in Bullish Consolidation Silver ended April at $25.92 per ounce, gaining $1.50 (6.14%) for the month. Growing investment and industrial demand continue to support higher silver prices and have created supply shortages. Silver continues to benefit from the expansionary monetary and fiscal policies worldwide and silver’s critical industrial role in the environmentally friendly technologies of the "green revolution." Silver remains in a bullish consolidation in the form of flag…

Forget gold? There are better ways to play precious metals, according to one CIO

April 29, 2021

“And we prefer silver at the moment, which has got industrial applications as well. So with a very buoyant global economy, that’s another string to its bow.”

Will Crypto Weakness Push Silver Higher

April 26, 2021

Possible Bottom In Gold And Silver? (GoldSeek)

The downtrend in the precious metals sector that began in August has been punctuated with one of the most aggressive, blatant price manipulation efforts over the last month that I have witnessed in 20 years.

Industrial demand can drive silver prices to $30 an ounce - Bank of America

March 29, 2021

Industrial demand can drive silver prices to $30 an ounce - Bank of America However, one bank is not giving up on the precious metal as they expect rising industrial demand to keep the fundamental supply and demand picture relatively balanced through 2021. In a report published Monday, commodity analysts at Bank of America said that they continue to see silver prices averaging the year around $29.28 an ounce.

AbraSilver Resources: Announces Best-Ever Silver Intercept

AbraSilver announces the best ever silver intercepts at Oculto on its flagship Diablillos Project, Argentina.

Investing In Silver: Guide for 2021 (Gainesville Coins)

March 12, 2021

Investing In Silver: Guide for 2021 Silver is widely traded in precious metals exchanges. Its market price is something that investors keep track of minute by minute. Best Silver Bars ( ...

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