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Currency Debasement and Cultural Degradation (GoldSeek)

August 05, 2021

Currency Debasement and Cultural Degradation By Doug Casey, Casey Research How instrumental do you think the debasement of their currency was to the eventual fall of the Roman Empire? How did it affect their culture?

Can Reddit's silver "apes" beat the market?

"In a year or two we will have millions of people in the movement," Bayoukhi told Reuters. "And then it will be over for the bullion banks."

Are You Prepared For The Next Big Move In Silver and Gold? (GoldSeek)

Are You Prepared For The Next Big Move In Gold And Silver? By Dave Kranzler, Mining Stock Journal I’m willing to bet that many market participants would be surprised to see that silver has not been hammered lower like gold and the mining stocks.  While the entire precious metals sector is starting to convey bullish signs, silver in particular is potentially explosive.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Gerald Celente expects Silver to ascend above $50 an ounce

Global Trends Forecaster, Mr. Gerald Celente expects price hikes to continue, as inflation continues to exceed expectations.  Although US equities remain near all-time records, our guest expects a healthy market correction before the end of this year. The Trends Forecaster is concerned that few Americans are participating in the higher standard of living as the middle class suffers in the wake of the pandemic crisis. The PMs safe haven assets should be must higher; the…

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Alasdair Macleod

June 23, 2021's Alsadair Macleod outlines monetary profligacy on a grand scale.  The Triffin Dilemma suggests the global reserve currency may be in peril. Current global monetary policies closely resemble that of the Mississippi Bubble.  Our guest expects interest rates to adjust abruptly higher, putting rate sensitive markets in jeopardy.  Download MP3 or listen here:

Ex-Deutsche Bank Trader Vorley Sentenced to 1 Year for Spoofing Silver in 2008-2013

A former Deutsche Bank AG trader was ordered to serve one year and a day in prison for manipulating gold and silver prices with bogus “spoof” trade orders between 2008 and 2013. James Vorley, who was convicted of fraud in September, was sentenced Monday by U.S. District Judge John J. Tharp Jr. in Chicago. Vorley’s former co-worker, Cedric Chanu, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 28.

Silver makes beautiful bling but it’s also good for keeping the bacterial bugs away

Silver has long played second fiddle to other elements. In sport, it is the symbol of second place, giving way to gold in the medals. In jewellery, airline frequent flyer programs and credit cards, silver is also topped by gold and platinum. But in the world of useful elements, silver should be gold. My interest in silver originated when growing up in Canada, searching through loose change for pre-1968 quarters (25 cents) that were made from 80% silver (currently worth at least&nbsp…

AbraSilver: 2021, A Catalyst Rich Year (GoldSeek)

2021 is a catalyst-rich year for AbraSilver and its cornerstone asset, Diablillos, which includes an updated MRE and updated PEA.

Silver Supply Tightens (GoldSeek)

Silver Supply Tightens And then came this epiphany: A friend of ours from the hedge fund world who has been accumulating silver aggressively since December said it is getting harder to buy. Last week, for instance, he ordered a hundred 1000 oz. bars worth about $2.9 million from Monex.  Usually it takes no more than four business days for the ingots to arrive, but this time Monex told him there would be a three-week wait, even if he reduced the size of his order to as few as 20 bars…

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