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Silver Commentaries

MAG Silver Hits Production Milestone Developing One of the Highest Grade & Largest Primary Silver...

November 16, 2023

Live from Zurich, I speak with the President and CEO of MAG Silver about the big Silver production milestone in Q3 as the company develops one of the highest grade and largest primary silver assets in the world.

A Pathway to 100+ Million High-Grade Silver Ounces, the CEO of Outcrop Silver & Gold Provides...

November 15, 2023

Live from Zurich, Peter Spina speaks with the President and CEO of Outcrop Silver & Gold about upcoming plans to grow one of the world's primary high-grade silver deposits!

Military Heist Foiled: Authorities Recover Stolen Silver and Arrest Suspects...

November 14, 2023

US silver stockpile was raided by the Defense Department. Banks and defense contractors were accused of suppressing silver prices.

Money Versus Metal

November 09, 2023

The silver price is suppressed by the fraudulent trading practices of some commercial banks. There are no expectations for regulatory action to end the COMEX silver manipulation.

New Reports Validating That Silver Is on the Brink of Extinction

October 20, 2023

The US government, US Geological Survey, and the Departments of Defense, Energy, and Interior are collectively gaslighting us villagers and stopped reporting on silver inventories in 1995/1996.

Copper and Silver: The Electrical Metals

Analysts have long been pointing to a severe shortage of silver due to the relentless growth in demand for the metal, which is used in many industrial applications such as automotive and electronics.

A COT Report Certainly Worth Framing

October 08, 2023

The Big 8 commercial traders are short 42.3 percent of the entire open interest in silver in the COMEX futures market as of yesterday's COT Report, up a noticeable amount from the 40.5 percent. Ted is still of the opinion that Bank of America is short about one billion ounces of silver in the OTC market, courtesy of..

The Bonfire of the Silver Shorts

September 21, 2023

The impact on price brought about by an inevitable short covering buying panic in silver promises to be epic.

Silver Not Underpriced Compared To Gold

September 19, 2023

Primary fundamentals for gold and silver are distinctly different and unrelated. Price increases of both gold and silver when measured from Depression-era lows is comparably equal.

The Silver Lining Lessons From the Loss of My Father Larry LaBorde

September 15, 2023

Larry deeply loved the Silver and Gold world and the thousands of people he met through it. Here are the lessons I learned from his extraordinary life.

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