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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Silver's Moment of Decision


Aaron Brickman, a financial cycles analyst and gold aficionado, joins us for our TGIF night via the DYNAMIC Charting video feature.

- Is the US equities market approaching an ultimate zenith or merely a speed bump on the path higher?
- Do markets exhibit primary trends/themes that persist for years and even decades?
- Keys to investing involve observing the trend in multiple time-frames, i.e. fractals.
- We review the technical patterns in the gold and silver markets.

I think that there's more information to be gleaned by looking at silver than gold. That's just me personally and I'm way more concerned about the metals when I look at the silver chart than the gold. The gold tends to, it's just been stronger over the last couple of years as you well know. Silver to me, is a little concerning.

- Is silver approaching a "Bitcoin-moment" where price blasts to new record highs abruptly?

I do not think silver is going to sit here. You are either going to have a massive breakdown...and I mean, a breakdown you're not going to enjoy. It's going to break, I mean, you can clearly see, it's winding up. Clearly. Those are the same trend lines that I and every other technical guy have. So, I totally agree with the way you're drawing. Those trend lines with what it's telling you. It's totally in a moment of decision.

We've got the decision and that chart looks a lot better than it did 72 hours ago. I will tell you that much. Let me show you. Here's what you don't want to see: you do not want (and I can show you on a zoomed-in view) to see a close underneath $22. Absolutely not.

I would prefer $22 to be breached. Okay, the reason I would prefer to be to see $22 breached is because all hell break loose on that chart. In it and it would be the buy of the century. So, I am long-term bullish. Before that day comes, I want to get as much as I can possibly get. So, I'm not looking for a breakdown to throw the towel in. I'm looking for a breakdown as the last chance to get on board.

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