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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Craig Hemke: Silver Catches Up, Potential Outperformance


Founder of TF Metals Report, Craig Hemke returns to noting, $30 could be the new floor price for silver.

- Silver continues to stun investors as one of the top investments of 2024!

Well, it has been quite the sojourn in the desert for the last decade or so in silver. All we can do is keep fighting the fight. We waited once gold broke [out] for silver to try to catch up and it has since caught up, we finally got the breakout on the weekly chart...

Gold once it broke out above $2100 has rallied, I don't know, 10,12, 13% in the last couple of months. So now, we'll see if silver can't do a little bit better than that in a couple of months ahead and then that bleeds over to the mining sector and that makes everybody a little more...puts a a big smile on everybody's face. It's much better than having to go [in] the opposite direction.

- With 2x's as many people and 4x's more currency in circulation than 40 years ago, how long can silver remain at its 1980's average price?
- With gold $500 above the previous bull market zenith, will silver retest $50?

There will be number of things that will impact, how long it takes for that to happen. Again, like you said: it's here we see gold, $2400 is well above those highs from 2011, breaking out, well above the highs from 2020 and doing so, in an environment here in the first half of 2024, where you wouldn't have expected it to happen. Interest rates have been going up, rate cut expectations have been trimmed, the dollar index has been going up. But yet, gold is up, whatever it is, 15% or so year to date and again at all time highs. So, it makes you wonder what will happen when the Fed does start to cut which is still on the table...

- Once silver eclipses $50, perhaps this year, is triple-digit silver next?
- Once the Fed cuts rates, will that ignite the next PM's bull leg?
- Does gold have an ultimate destiny, multiples higher than the current price?
- Is the boom in copper suggestive of record prices ahead for silver?
- With silver 40% off it's all-time high, is the "monetary card" reasserting itself after 50 years?
- A loaf of bread now is $13 in some remote US cities; will silver return as a means of exchange? Happening in Alaska.
- Analysis of the Comex silver situation.

- PMs investors are encouraged to avoid emotional thinking and hold the line!

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