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GoldSeek Radio Nugget: David Morgan -- Fed's monetary profligacy leading to higher metal prices

David Morgan, "The SilverGuru" of the says the economic system is jeopardy amid a confluence of concerning economic themes. Our guest suggests that 99% of the public is blissfully unaware of the risks associated with fiat currencies. Investors are urged to prepare for continued depreciation of major currencies and their respective underlying assets though accumulation of assets with tangible-value, such as the precious metals section.

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Our guest notes that the phenomenal advances in the digital assets market, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will eventually migrate into the hard asset realm, including gold and silver. The host suggests a low-risk method to participate in the crypto theme by exposing the investment portfolio to merely 1% to cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, etc, negligible risk, with extraordinary expected returns, an ideal risk to reward ratio.

Meanwhile, according to the official St. Louis Fed's balance sheet, policymakers doubled the debt to 9 trillion dollars amid the pandemic, doubling the previous figure. By way of such monetary profligacy, the host and guest agree with Nick Barisheff, $10,000 gold is an inevitability and $50 silver could come to pass as soon as next year

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