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Silver Price Prediction 2022: David Morgan (GoldCore)

This week, 'The Silver Guru' David Morgan of The Morgan Report joins Dave Russell to explore what might happen in the Silver Market In2 022, as well as what makes silver the world's most undervalued metal. Watch the full episode to learn more.

Highlights from the interview:

Why the silver's investment and industrial demand will be robust in 2022?

The silver market has seen a modest supply deficit in prior years. Is there anything specific that could alter the demand-supply imbalances further for the silver market?

What role does silver play in the new energy era? Can it be viewed as a store of energy?

What's on the horizon that could indicate that 2022 will be Silver's year?

Is the rest of 2022 looking promising for precious metals?

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00:00- Intro

00:47- #SilverPricePrediction2022

01:51- Demand for Silver in 2022

04:54- Demand & Supply issues in the silver market

08:41- Silver as Store of Energy

12:36- Silver Outlook 2022

21:06- Correlation between stocks and precious metals

21:50- Will 2022 be a good year for precious metals?

25:05- Wrap up

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