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Bob Coleman: Physical Silver Market Strong as COMEX Price Drops

While the COMEX silver spot price has sold off over the past few months and hovered in the $18-20 range after being over $26 earlier in the year, the conditions in the physical market have been substantially different. Where there has been significant physical silver buying at the lower price, which has often left the silver market in backwardation and under stress.

Fortunately, in today's call metals dealer Bob Coleman joins me to talk about the divergent forces in the market and the pressure that's been building. Which has led to increased premiums, and delays in many silver products.

Bob will also dig into the short position in the SLV fund, and take questions from the audience. Given his perspective as a bullion dealer and a hedge fund manager Bob has unique insight into the details below the surface of the silver market, so to get a better idea of what's happening in silver right now.

To find out more about Bob Coleman and the services he offers go to: Y

ou can also find Bob on twitter with the handle: @profitsplusid


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