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GoldSeek Radio -- Craig Hemke: 2023 economic conditions mirrors 2010 and 2019 and in 2010 silver tripled..


Founder of TF Metals ReportCraig Hemke returns to with exciting news for the precious metals community, delivered in an entertaining fashion.

Right on cue, the "Fed pivot," is building upward momentum in the precious-metals sector, including mining shares.

2.30 - Despite volatility, within 6 months, gold and silver could break-out from trading-ranges.
9.30 - the 2023 economic conditions mirrors 2010 and 2019.
14.00 - Inflation.
15.30 - Summer of 2023 could be great for gold and silver.
16.00 - Silver tripled in 2010.
17.00 - When the Fed pours funds back into the economy, it could spark the next big PMs rally.
21.00 - Low physical metals supply at key exchanges.
23.30 - Central banks across the globe are converting reserves into gold and silver.
27.00 - Kinesis, the digital gold platform impressed the duo.

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