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GoldSeek Radio -- David Morgan: Silver, at key times, remains the "best inflation hedge"


The Morgan Report'sDavid Morgan, comments on this week's CPI number, and the PMs sector. 

•    Eroding purchasing power. 
•    Silver, at key times, remains the "best inflation hedge."
•    Gold is an ideal deflation hedge. 
•    The yellow metal may outperform silver at first. 
•    Gold has appreciated 90x's in 100 years!
•    Potential bottleneck in PMs supply / production?
•    Mining companies continue to "buyback" shares. 
•    A nascent "goldrush" to mining shares remains a wildcard.
•    Shadowstats suggest a 12% real inflation rate. 
•    Investors could be facing a 1987 crash-like moment, where "bail-ins' become the norm as savings vanish.
•    The global economy has reached an inflection point, from long-term paper assets into more tangible, safe-havens.

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