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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bill Murphy: Up, up and away, for Gold and Silver...


As silver soars to the highest point in months, Bill Murphy, of and LeMetropole Cafe, highlights the PM's sector leaning on his 25 years of experience at the helm of

00:42 - Open interest in gold and silver contracts on the Comex.

1:15 - Comex open interest developments.

3:15 - Nascent Silver Bull market.

4:15 - Once the ECB, BOJ and BOE follow the Fed's lead, with higher rates, the new PMs bull market will like; break to new record highs: "Up, up and away, for gold and silver..."

5:15 - Rare coins, numismatic continues to impress.

7:15 - Once currency conditions reverse course, "Gold and silver are going to take-off."

7:35 - Signs suggest that the Crypto and Meme-stock crowds are waking up to the exciting potential in the precious metals sector.

9:15 - Eric Sprott remains a leading expert in the mining and exploration shares.

10:15 - PMs mining shares may be building momentum for a multi-year rally of spectacular momentum.

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