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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bill Murphy: Silver's Bullish Surge


Bill Murphy comments on the epic silver rally over $31 in only a few days and discusses the prospects for record prices, noting the price is "the most bullish I've seen in years..."

- With US equities soaring to new heights, will tech-related silver demand impact price?
- How high could tech company buying send silver?
- Bill says Asian buying is key to the PMs bull market.
- Will the "squeeze" in silver catapult the price to triple digits as the bears liquidate and buy?
- Would Michael Saylor agree that "People will get silver at the price they deserve?"
- Will the bears finally be forced to capitulate at triple-digit silver?

[Silver as a] coiled spring is correct. [It's] been this for years now below $30, JPMorgan's been trying to get it back down below $30, it's not working. At the same time, it's still very choppy. And for me again, $30 is a joke. I mean $40? Yeah. Okay, but $30, after 10 years? No, nothing. The good news is that It's gotten about $30 and JPMorgan keeps trying to bring it back down the past weeks and it hasn't working.

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