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New Reports Validating That Silver Is on the Brink of Extinction

The Silver Academy is a 24-week series of articles documenting never-released information surrounding silver.

Let’s begin.

Silver has been used for thousands of years as ornaments and utensils, for trade, and as the basis for many monetary systems. Of all the metals, pure silver has the whitest color, the highest optical reflectivity, and the highest thermal and electrical conductivity.

Silver is on the Brink of Extinction. 

In fact, the US government, Dept of Defense, Dept of Energy, Department of Interior and US Geological Survey are collectively gaslighting us villagers and stopped reporting on silver inventories in 1995/1996 time horizon.

For most of the 20th century, the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) was the primary United States government agency conducting scientific research and disseminating information on the extraction, processing, use, and conservation of mineral resources. The Bureau was abolished in 1996. (coincidentally, at the same time, the Dept of Defense started pretending silver was not important to them)

Over the next 24 weeks, we will be documenting massive uses of silver that are not on the historical record (we will let you draw your own inferences)

We can prove that silver is by far the World’s most critical and strategic mineral. (Yet somehow not considered critical by Dept of Energy)

Uses of silver in:

  • Bombs

  • Nukes and Nuclear positioned Submarines (over 1,000,000 tonnes to date)

  • Shells

  • Missiles

  • Bullets

  • Torpedoes

  • Conventional Submarines (not of the nuclear variety)

  • Rockets

  • Satellites

  • and dozens of other military applications




Over the next 24 weeks, we will prove that the US government has intentionally denied that silver is critical to national security.

Let’s begin with our opening evidence.

This is from your own government.

2023 Final Critical Materials List

DOE has determined the final Critical Materials List to include the following:

  • Critical materials for energy: aluminum, cobalt, copper, dysprosium, electrical steel, fluorine, gallium, iridium, lithium, magnesium, natural graphite, neodymium, nickel, platinum, praseodymium, silicon, silicon carbide and terbium.

  • Critical minerals: The Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), published a 2022 final list of critical minerals that includes the following 50 minerals: “Aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barite, beryllium, bismuth, cerium, cesium, chromium, cobalt, dysprosium, erbium, europium, fluorspar, gadolinium, gallium, germanium, graphite, hafnium, holmium, indium, iridium, lanthanum, lithium, lutetium, magnesium, manganese, neodymium, nickel, niobium, palladium, platinum, praseodymium, rhodium, rubidium, ruthenium, samarium, scandium, tantalum, tellurium, terbium, thulium, tin, titanium, tungsten, vanadium, ytterbium, yttrium, zinc, and zirconium.”

    I had to read this dozens of times and Thank God it was alphabetized (silver would fall in between samarium and scandium)

    Gold isn’t on the list either (I see a pattern here)

    Here is the web link: What Are Critical Materials and Critical Minerals?

What is the first thing every silver investor learns after learning about how fiat money printing destroys almost every civilization via inflation?

Correct, how necessary silver is used in industrial sectors including energy systems, duh!

Show me the Silver
Vanished without a Trace
No Where to be Found

Ya gotta read this with your own eyes, Don’t Listen to the Pickaxe, again here it is from Energy.Gov 


Dept of Energy - Silver Not Listed

These are graphics from their own publication(s): Silver and Gold NOT CRITICAL . To quote my good friend Steve St. Angelo “God sure Hath a sense of humor."



This chart thinks differently than Dept of Energy, Silver (and Gold) indeed on the Brink of Extinction.


image from researchgate

Class at Princeton Pickaxe University is over today, but tomorrow, we will pick up on why silver has been wiped clean from government records.

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