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“Paper silver scheme is unraveling now”: Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter, Chris Marcus

Listen to the interview:

While I don’t have a date or know the timeline, in this conversation with gold and silver legends Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair we discuss why the paper silver scheme is unraveling now!

To find more of JS Minest’s (Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter) interviews go to:

To see the letter Marcus sent to CFTC Commissioner Rostin Benham asking him to explain his comments about the silver price being “tamped down” and controlled go to:

To see the detailed evidence explaining how the silver price fell by 10% on February 2, 2021 (despite unprecedented records for silver demand on that very same day), that the CFTC has been sitting on for over 2 months, while the crime continues to occur, go to:

To support legal action against the CFTC, and if you feel that CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam should explain why the futures market was able to “tamp down” a dangerous situation in the silver market, and why the agency acted to “control the price and volatility” click here:

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