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Vince Lanci: Why Silver's Price Has Been Lagging Gold's

In the early weeks of 2023, the gold price has continued to rally, yet silver's price is now down on the year. Which has left many silver investors feeling confused as to what's going on, and why silver has not followed in tandem with gold as is often the case.

So in this week's silver report with Vince Lanci, Vince takes a look at the recent price action in gold, silver, and the dollar, and explains the factors that have been driving silver's relative under-performance.

He looks at how the CTA (commodity trading advisors) trading has held the silver price down relative to some of the other commodities. He goes over the latest COT data. And he also talks about why he believes there will be an increase in M & A activity in the silver market if the price continues to rally throughout the year.


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