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David Morgan Interview - GoldSeek Radio Nugget

Chris Waltzek talks to David Morgan publisher of The Morgan Report

  • The Silver Investor David Morgan and the host review and article penned by David Smith.
  • With silver production waning, demand could overwhelm supply.
  • According to his work the bottom may already be in place in the PMs market.
  • The following scenario could occur: silver gaps higher several dollars - silver eagles / maple leafs sell out over night - premiums on pre-'65 silver triple.
  • Major silver suppliers are reporting big premiums in pre-'65 silver, over $4.00 per ounce, a startling high figure.
  • Bull markets oftentimes require a base building period - David Morgan thinks that could be currently underway.
  • But even if the bottom is not in place, the precious metals remain the diversification tool, du jour for every investment portfolio.
  • David suggests watching the preparedness film, The Empty ATM.

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