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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Opportunities in Silver's Volatility


Bob Moriarty has big news for silver investors and the precious metals sector via our NEW fiber-optic supported, video studio. Bob is the founder of the must-bookmark website

- Bob identified the price zenith of NVIDIA.
- Julian Assange is free!
- The gold and silver market could soon see inflows from deep pockets.

He cautions:

It's very important for silver investors to understand: Silver is by far the most volatile metal and that's both going up and coming down and, I did call it [topping] silver to the day back in April 2011, and using the same argument that I made for NVIDIA and it totally crashed. But, understand it's volatile and you've got to be very careful in how you invest.

He continues:

Strangely enough, the guys who tout silver never say you have these big corrections. The biggest move in silver ever was from $1.29 in 1970 to $50.25 on January 21, 1980. This was an absolutely incredible move. Everyone said the Hunt Brothers were going to double up and silver was going to $100. You have this incredible opportunity to profit...

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