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Ted Butler Has It Right

Anyone dissenting from the possibility of a short squeeze in silver may not be familiar with Ted Butler’s explanation of the concentrated short position in silver on the COMEX.  For him, the operative word is concentration. The 4 largest short sellers on the COMEX are short approximately 1/3 of the silver produced in a year from mining and scrap recovery. Nothing comparable exists in any other commodity. Ted Butler was the first analyst to point out that this concentration was both manipulative and illegal. In fact, he has made this claim for years while the big shorts profited in the billions. For 35 years, up until recently, they never lost on their short positions. JPMorgan was the ringleader of this gang of manipulators and only recently retired from that role after accumulating a vast hoard of silver and gold. All this was uncovered by Ted Butler. It’s a topic which he frequently railed about to the CFTC, the COMEX and the Justice Department. Ted pointed out that holding down and depressing the price of silver in the futures market while accumulating over a billion ounces of physical silver was unethical and illegal, a fact that seemed to elude the regulators.

Since so many people these days are relying on Ted Butler’s analysis of the silver market (whether they know it came from him originally or not), I want to stress that he knows what he’s talking about. Twenty-one years ago, he became a consultant to my company, Investment Rarities and we have regularly used his writing in our newsletter and promotional pieces. I started selling silver and delivering it out of the trunk of my car in 1972 after reading Jerome Smith’s book Silver Profits in the 1970s. I thought I knew a lot about silver until I started conversing with Ted and it became apparent his knowledge of the silver market dwarfed mine. If you doubt his expertise, his archives are available on our website and anyone interested in silver should read a few of them in order to be persuaded and reassured that he is the reigning expert on the subject of silver. He writes a weekly newsletter on the topic and regularly breaks new ground with his pioneering analysis.

Mr. Butler is extremely careful about what he writes.  His analysis is based on government data and he sticks closely to the facts. No one has ever successfully overturned his arguments or proved him wrong. He believes we are currently at a juncture in the silver market that will soon resolve the concentrated short position. Consequently, a silver price explosion is inevitable. Back in 2004, he wrote that silver would go up 10 times and it did. His current prediction of the ultimate price of silver is bullish beyond measure. His expertise on the silver market makes his predictions and viewpoints worth our closest attention.

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